Consulting Partners, Need Help Signing Up for the Partner Community?


We appreciate your interest in joining our Salesforce partner ecosystem as a Consulting Partner.  Please review the instructions carefully (under the tab 'What You Need to Know') to ensure easy access to the Partner Community.

 Before you begin, ask yourself - do you have a Salesforce login? In order to access the Partner Community,  you MUST have your own Salesforce login.  We do not provide login credentials - you will need your own Salesforce org login to establish single sign-on.  If you need an org, you can sign up for a free Salesforce Developer Edition org  here.  Once you have your own Salesforce org login, you can use the username and password from that org as credentials to sign up for the Partner Community.

Keep in mind, for some partners it can take up to 5-8 business days to verify your account and send you the welcome email to the Partner Community.  In the interim, feel free to browse the public portions of the Partner Community site (including the Education and News & Events sections). 

ACTION ITEM: Take the tutorial that is relevant for you (below, in the Media tab) and review the full steps under What You Need to Know.   

Are you a Commerce Cloud Partner? Follow these steps. If someone from your company has already signed up, follow these steps.

Are you ready to sign up now?