AppExchange Listing

The AppExchange Marketplace makes it easy for your business to find, evaluate, and install apps in record time. By listing on the AppExchange, you will be able to provide information about your app such as description and pricing, detailed information including support and contact details, technical specifications, and which editions you support. It is important to make sure you have a strong & recognizable brand on the AppExchange and in the app ecosystem. Due to the visual nature of the AppExchange, you can “wow” and entice your prospects and customers through your brand assets. The first impression viewers have of your product & company on the AppExchange is your tile & icon. The second impression is your listing, which is where your banner lives. It is worth the investment to ensure your branding leaves a strong impression.

Review the steps to success in "What You Need to Know", and use the "Resources" to learn how to create and manage a killer app listing on the AppExchange. 

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