ISVforce Product Guide

/s/Partner_program_400x123.jpg?v=1ISVforce includes the following:

  • App Branding – The ability to offer customized free trials with partner branded login pages and passwords, allowing you to offer your prospects and customers a free trial experience that you control and manage.
  • Trialforce – The ability to provision your application in a controlled trial setting. Add custom content and a defined trial period thus allowing you to control the entire trial experience for your prospects.
  • License Management – The ability to grant, revoke, add-on, edit and change your application licenses in customer environments to ensure that your customers have the best experience while using your application.
  • Customer Support Console – Customer support tools that mirror the ones that uses to serve its 3 million subscribers. The customer support console allows you to log in as a customer users (once access is granted) to troubleshoot support issues and get a resolution to your customers as fast as possible.
  • App Usage Metrics – Leverage application usage metrics to understand how your customers are using your application and where trends exist in your usage model.
  • Push Upgrades – The ability to push application enhancements seamlessly, just like When your customers login after a push upgrade they seamlessly receive the new features from the release without having to do anything.