Program Management Module/Nonprofit Cloud Case Management
Consultant Fundamentals

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Program Management Module (PMM) is a simple data architecture to track programs, program engagements, and service delivery. Organizations can use it to manage their programs and extract meaningful impact data about their programs from Salesforce. 

Nonprofit Cloud Case Management enables service providers to understand exactly where a client is in their journey through an organization’s programs and guide them through next steps. Having programs, services, and clients in a single system helps service providers manage large caseloads while maintaining personalized care, ensuring no one slips through the cracks. Case Management includes PMM.

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Getting Started as a PMM/Case Management Consultant 

Program Management Module Group (Power of Us Hub login required)

Nonprofit Cloud Case Management Group (Power of Us Hub login required)

Case Management for Human Services

Introduction to PMM/Nonprofit Cloud Case Management

PMM/Case Management Enablement Training - Recordings (On Demand)

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  • Part 1 - PMM Case Management Fundamentals
  • Part 2 - PMM Case Management Sales Training
  • Part 3 - PMM Case Management Deep Dive

Implement Program Management