Environment Hub Overview

The Environment Hub is an important tool in the Partner Business Org that allows partners to view, connect, create, and log in to multiple Salesforce organizations from one location. It is especially helpful when using a large number of organizations for business, development, and testing. Review this page to learn how to set up Environment Hub for your company.

Did you know:

  • - The Environment Hub is the only way that ISV partners can spin up a Partner Developer Org, which is used to build managed packages
  • - As a best practice, one organization should be designated as the Environment Hub (or hub organization), which can then connect all your other organizations, or member organizations, to the hub 
  • - It is possible to have more than one hub (see FAQ for details)
  • - You can establish single sign-on between the hub and member organizations, enabling users to seamlessly switch between them without having to provide login credentials
  • - AppExchange Partners should never enable Environment Hub in the DE org that contains a managed package. This can cause issues when trying to upload a new package version or push an upgrade to customers.
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