Partner Account Manager

As a partner, your Partner Account Manager (PAM) is a primary contact and trusted advisor to help you be successful.  PAM's can help you understand the many resources available to you, discuss your Go-To-Market plan, explain the key elements of the program, and guide you through each phase of the partner lifecycle.  PAM's can also help you network with other partners, entrepreneurs, and Salesforce team members.  When you join the Salesforce Partner Program, you are contacted by someone from our sales team to discuss your business idea for a commercial app or consulting business.  After that, a PAM may be assigned to you and will contact you directly for further discussion and planning.  Please note: assignment of a PAM may be dependent on tier level, region, or other factors - not all partners are assigned a PAM.  If you do not know whether a PAM has been assigned to you, please inquire using the following methods:

For AppExchange Partners, please contact
For Consulting Partners (SI), please post to the Official: Consulting Central Group (login required).
For Program Partners, please contact

An assigned Partner Account Manager (PAM) is a valuable benefit of the Salesforce Partner Program.  For other program benefits, review these benefit tables: