Nonprofit Cloud Consultants
Training & Certification Guide

Are you a Nonprofit Cloud Consultant (project lead, architect, developer, business analyst, etc.), working with nonprofit customers?  This guide will help you learn the knowledge and skills you need to help nonprofit customers be successful.  There are six sections, reflecting the areas of expertise needed to be an effective Nonprofit Cloud Consultant.  These sections also correspond to the six areas of expertise required to pass the Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Certification Exam.  

Use this training guide to prepare for the certification exam.  You should also review the Exam Guide on the Trailhead site.  In order to sit for the Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Certification exam, you must currently hold the Certified Administrator credential as a prerequisite.

Salesforce.org Nonprofit Cloud Network Partners should require all consultants to complete this learning path, as part of their training.   Learn more about becoming an SFDO Network Partner.

Getting Started as a Salesforce.org Consultant
Explore these primary Nonprofit Cloud resources to get started

TRAILMIX: Nonprofit Cloud Consultants- self-paced learning guide and Trailhead training for Nonprofit Cloud Consultants (companion to this page)
NONPROFIT CLOUD ACADEMY: Consultant Fundamentals - free, 8-hour training course for Nonprofit Cloud Consultants (registration required)

Nonprofit Domain Expertise

Exam Category: Domain Expertise
Weighting = 20% of the exam
Consultants should have a fundamental knowledge of nonprofit customer business challenges, operating procedures, success metrics, and reporting requirements.

Identify the appropriate Salesforce solutions for fundraising and donor management.
TRAILHEAD: Fundraise with Nonprofit Success Pack
TRAILHEAD: Create and Manage Soft Credits
Intro to Categorizing Contacts in Salesforce for Nonprofit (article)
Lightning Page Components (article)
Create and Manage Engagement Plans (article)
Security Health Check (article)
NPSP Customer Rollups Overview (article)
NPSP Upgrade Guide (.pdf)
NPSP Gift Entry Overview (article)
NPSP Configure Tribute Opportunities (article)
TRAILHEAD: Collecte de fonds avec Nonprofit Success Pack (French)
TRAILHEAD: Fundraising mit dem Nonprofit Success Pack (German)

Identify the appropriate Salesforce solutions for marketing and engagement.
TRAILHEAD: Engage Constituents with Nonprofit Cloud
How the NPSP Data Importer Works (article)
NPSP Report (.pdf)
NPSP Choose Address Mailing Label Report (article)
NPSP Auto-create Campaign Members (article)
Campaigns Report Wizard (article)
NPSP Create an Affiliation with an Organization (article)
Marketing Cloud Adds Advertising Studio (article)

Identify the appropriate Salesforce solutions for program and/or volunteer management.
TRAILHEAD: Manage Volunteers for Nonprofits
Outbound Funds Module (OFM) Documentation (article)
Case Management Entity Relationship Diagram (article)
TRAILHEAD: Program Management with Nonprofit Cloud
TRAILHEAD: Human Services with Nonprofit Cloud Case Management

Distinguish and rationalize the purpose for resource sites like the Power of Us Hub, Trailblazer Community, Trailhead, and AppExchange, etc.

Trail Tracker by Trailhead (AppExchange Listing)
Trailblazer Community Groups
Trailblazer Community
TRAILHEAD: Learn Salesforce with Trailhead
TRAILHEAD: AppExchange Basics
TRAILHEAD: Salesforce Partner Community

Introduction to Nonprofit Cloud

Exam Category: Nonprofit Cloud Product Configuration
Weighting = 22% of the exam
The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is the foundation of Nonprofit Cloud.  Consultants should understand how to administer, configure, and customize any nonprofit customer org with NPSP installed. 

Given a set of requirements, modify NPSP Settings for people management (Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Affiliation, Relationships, Addresses) defaults.
NPSP and Translation (article)
TRAILHEAD: Contact and Account Settings in Nonprofit Success Pack
TRAILHEAD: Design Your Data Model
TRAILHEAD: Constituent Data Management with NPSP
Add and Manage Organization Accounts in NPSP (article)
Entity Relationship Diagram (article)
NPSP Address Management Overview (article)
What is an Account Model? (article)

 Given a set of requirements, configure fundraising features (Opportunities, Payments, Allocations, Gift Entry, and Recurring Donations) and batch processes.
TRAILHEAD: Donation Soft Credit Management with NPSP
Working with Memberships (article)
Manage Multiple Payment Donations (article)
Customize Opportunity Names (article)
Enable Convert Advanced Mapping (article)

Given an error message through a Nonprofit Cloud application, determine whether it is a  Nonprofit Cloud application issue and appropriate next steps.
Troubleshoot with Nonprofit Success Pack (article)
Edit or Reschedule NPSP Scheduled Jobs (article)
Error Handling (article)
Merging Contacts (article)
Disable Trigger Handlers (article)
NPSP Common Health Check Errors (article)
Customizable Rollups Overview (article)
Create Opportunity Stages and Processes (article)

Explain the differences between the Nonprofit Cloud release schedule and the Salesforce release schedule, including considerations for declarative and custom development during the deployment stage of an implementation.
Keep up with NPSP and Salesforce Releases (article)
Salesforce.org: Keep Up with Releases (article)

Install Nonprofit Cloud applications and/or solutions.
Install NPSP (article)
Install of Upgrade V4S (article)

Configure Nonprofit Cloud application security model.
PMM Permission Sets (article)
Post-Installation Required Tasks (article)
TRAILHEAD:Data Security
Set Required Permissions to Manage NPSP Settings (article)
TRAILHEAD:Protect Your Data in Salesforce
Find and Merge Duplicate Contacts (article)
Salesforce Data Security Model - Explained Visually (article)
Classic Encryption for Custom Fields (article)
Create and Update Campaign Members through an Opportunity (article)

Nonprofit Cloud Implementation

Exam Category: Implementation Strategies & Best Practices
Weighting = 18% of the exam
Consultants should be able to implement Nonprofit Cloud solutions using proven strategies, processes, and implementation best practices. 

Given a scenario, facilitate a successful Nonprofit Cloud consulting engagement.
Nonprofit Success Pack - Trial Version
TRAILHEAD: Prepare for Salesforce Releases
TRAILHEAD: Drucker School - Manage Organizational Change
Two Steps to Optimize Your Data Model and Avoid CRM Performance Degradation (article)
Identify Your Salesforce Implementation Vision and Objectives (article)
TRAILHEAD: NPSP Administration Basics
Understand Your Use Case Before Jumping Into Marketing Automation (article)
Define Success Metrics for Your Salesforce Implementation (article)
3 Steps to Setting Up Successful Email Marketing Using Salesforce (article)
TRAILHEAD: Project Risk Management for Partners
NPSP and Person Accounts (FAQ - article)

Gather requirements, create user stories, and develop business processes into solution design.
TRAILHEAD: Program Management with Nonprofit Cloud
How the Import Process Works (article)
Form Handlers (article)
TRAILHEAD: Get Started with Salesforce Optimizer
TRAILHEAD: Human Services with Nonprofit Cloud Case Management
TRAILHEAD: Accounting Subledger for Nonprofits and Educational Institutions
PMM Entity Relationship Diagram
Business Units in Marketing Cloud (article)
Managing Pardot Business Units (article)
Salesforce CRM Getting Started Workbook
Create and Manage Memberships (article)

Create a change management process based on Salesforce best practices for governance.
TRAILHEAD: Governance Basics
Designing a Center of Excellence
Establishing Good Governance (article)
TRAILHEAD: Organizational Alignment (V2MOM)
TRAILHEAD: Drucker School - Organizational Change Leadership
TRAILHEAD: Understand Why Salesforce Adopted Agile
Why Do I Need a Center of Excellence Anyway? (article)
Ask an Architect: Governance, Huh? (article)
TRAILHEAD: Salesforce Release Readiness Strategies
TRAILHEAD: Use Package Development for More Flexible Releases

Determine and implement the appropriate testing and deployment strategy (sandbox, production, tools, etc.)
Sandbox Types and Templates (article)
Deploy a Custom Apex Class in the TDTM Framework for NPSP (article)
NPSP Public Data Dictionary (Quip)
TRAILHEAD: Power Up with AppExchange
TRAILHEAD: Find, Enable, and Communicate New Features
Outbound Change Set Validation Errors (article)
TRAILHEAD: CumulusCI for Post-Install Customizations

Nonprofit Cloud Solution Design

Exam Category: Nonprofit Cloud Solution Design
Weighting = 20% of the exam
Consultants need to understand all Salesforce solutions & services that can be applied to nonprofit business requirements, and how these solutions interact with NPSP.

Identify the appropriate Salesforce solution(s) to meet customer requirements.
Marketing (Salesforce Product Overview)
Understand Your Use Case Before Jumping into Marketing Automation (article)
Nonprofit Analytics (Salesforce Product Overview)
Which Automation Tool Do I Use? (article)
TRAILHEAD: Community Cloud Basics
TRAILHEAD: Create Digital Engagement on Multiple Channels
Which Email Integration Product is Right for My Company? (article)
Email a Group with List Email and Mass Email (article)
TRAILHEAD: Constituent Email Management with Nonprofit Success Pack
TRAILHEAD: Get Started with myTrailhead
In-App Guidance in Lightning Experience (article)
TRAILHEAD: Get Started with B2B Commerce
Einstein Analytics vs. B2B Marketing Analytics (article)
TRAILHEAD: Accounting Subledger for Nonprofits and Educational Institutions
TRAILHEAD: Pardot Lead Nurturing for Salesforce
Pardot Basics for Nonprofit and Education (article)

Distinguish when it is appropriate to use declarative development (low code), custom code development, or a third-party solution.

Work with Matching Gifts (article)
Table-Driven Trigger Management (TDTM) Overview (article)
Customizable Rollups Overview (article)
Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio (article)
Create and Update Campaign Members Through an Opportunity (article)
TRAILHEAD: Administer Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

Analyze customer requirements to determine appropriate solution design considering capabilities, limitations, and design trade-offs.

Are you ready to import data into NPSP? (article)
Install Case Management (article)
TRAILHEAD: Program Management with Nonprofit Cloud
Accounting Subledger: Considerations and Limitations (article)
Nonprofit Success Pack and Translation (article)
Nonprofit Success Pack: Customize Labels (article)
Nonprofit Cloud Case Management: Customize the Client Card (article)
Outbound Funds Module (article)
TRAILHEAD: Donation Management Basics with Nonprofit Success Pack
Program Management Module (PMM) and NPSP (article)
TRAILHEAD: Get Started with Salesforce Optimizer
View NPSP Errors (article)
NPSP Soft Credits Overview (article)
NPSP FAQ (article)

Determine the appropriate security features to use following Salesforce best practices.
Controlling Access Using Hierarchies (article)
TRAILHEAD: Program Management with Nonprofit Cloud Overview
TRAILHEAD: Understand the Importance of Data Privacy
Consent Management for the Salesforce Platform (article)
TRAILHEAD: Secure Secrets Storage

Nonprofit Cloud Data Management

Exam Category: Integration and Data Management
Weighting = 15% of the exam
Consultants should understand how to import and manage data, including data migration, integrations, handling large data volumes (LDV), and TDTM.

Given a specific data requirement from a nonprofit, explain the use cases and considerations for using Salesforce native, third-party, or Nonprofit Cloud applications.

How the NPSP Data Importer Works (article)
TRAILHEAD: Data Management - Import Data
NPSP How the Import Process Works (article)
TRAILHEAD: Get to Know the Lightning Platform APIs
NPSP Create a Batch (article)
NPSP Schedule a Batch (article)
TRAILHEAD: Quick Start Salesforce Connect
NPSP Enable and Convert to Advanced Mapping (article)
Configure Batch Gift Entry (Legacy)
NPSP Batch Import Overview (article)

Given customer requirements, articulate and implement data migration and/or integration strategies for a Nonprofit Cloud implementation.
API Request Limits and Allocations (article)
Disable Trigger Handlers for NPSP (article)
Integration Patterns Overview (article)
Middleware Terms and Definitions (article)
Manage Pledges (article)
TRAILHEAD: Constituent Data Management with Nonprofit Success Pack
Using the NPSP Data Import Template (article)
Disable Trigger Handlers for NPSP (article)
TRAILHEAD: Create Recurring Donations
TRAILHEAD: Large Data Volumes - Load Your Data
Table-Driven Trigger Management (TDTM) Overview (article)
Best Practices for Designing Processes (article)
NPSP Clean and Format Your Data (article)
Connect Objects and Fields with Advanced Mapping (article)
TRAILHEAD: Quick Start Salesforce Connect
Manage Trigger Handles for NPSP (article)
NPSP Data Importer Templates (article)

Identify which duplicate management tools to use for a Salesforce implementation.
NPSP Find and Merge Duplicate Contacts (article)
Run Duplicate Jobs in Lightning Experience (article)

Nonprofit Cloud Analytics

Exam Category: Analytics
Weighting = 5% of the exam
Consultants should understand standard reports in NPSP, as well as how to build custom reports & dashboards that meet nonprofit customer requirements, and extend analytics capabilities.