Distribute Your AppExchange Solution

Channel Order App Overview >
Learn how to submit and manage customer orders with COA

ISVforce Guide >
Read chapters 7-11 to learn how to publish your solution, manage orders and licenses, and more 

Partner Business Org Overview >
Enable publishing and managing the sale and distribution of your solution with your PBO 

License Management Application Overview >
Manage leads and licenses for your AppExchange offerings with LMA 

Trialforce Overview >
Seamlessly deliver free trials to your customers and prospects with Trialforce App 

Trial Management Trailhead Module >
Learn how to convert prospects to customers with a free trial of your AppExchange solution 

AppExchange Checkout Overview >
Learn how to manage online payments with Checkout for automatic billing and debiting 

Join our live webinar where we cover topics including Partner Business Org, Checkout, Trialforce, COA, LMA, and more


Optimize Your Distribution Processes

After passing Security Review, the next step is to both connect to and set up your partner technologies. Follow the step-by-step instructions outlined in the Distribute Like Salesforce checklist. Once you have reviewed the checklist, you will then be ready to check out the additional resources on this page to successfully optimize the distribution of your application's license.

Review the checklist >

Additional Resources