Manufacturing for Partners


Over the last 300 years, our world has seen incredible innovation and unprecedented technological change.  Industrial revolutions have driven massive benefits to the manufacturing industry - allowing for faster and cheaper production, new technologies, and new types of products.  The ability to compete was defined by the leanest operations, the most efficient supply chain, and the fastest production.  

Today, we're entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution where artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming the customer experience.  Faster and cheaper are now table-stakes - manufacturers must deliver that outstanding customer experience which is the sum total of not just the product, but also the service, the buying experience, and every other touchpoint that customer has with its manufacturers.  

The Salesforce Platform in collaboration with our amazing partner ecosystem is actively transforming manufacturers into customer-centric businesses.  Learn more about how we deliver our message of transformation to our prospects and customers, and what resources are available to support your efforts in helping manufacturers transform.

As a partner, review the links below (note: Partner Community login is required for some assets) including the Manufacturing Product Demo, What You Need to Know to engage with our Salesforce team, additional Resources (like the Manufacturing First Call Deck), and an FAQ.

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