Launching Your Lightning Bolt

Here is everything you need to know to launch your Lightning Bolt solution and get the word out.

Technical Review

Have you completed the technical review? The development guidelines can be found in the Official: Lightning Bolt for Partners Group.

Marketing Materials

At Salesforce, we want to enable our sales team on the value your Lightning Bolt delivers. To do this, we need your help. Here are the two assets required for us to announce your solution to sales:

  • Internal data sheet - You provide content and Salesforce will create it. Check out an example.

  • Internal solution demo video

    • Create a 2-3 minute video, a talk track with click path, that covers:

      • Intro and business challenge

      • Bolt Solution overview

      • How it works: features and functionality

      • Benefits and ROI

    • Recorded may be done through GoToWebinar or other lightweight application; need not be professionally produced. Please use the .mp4 format so we can upload your video to Vidyard. 

    • Once your video is completed, email it to us.

  • Share Customer Success (optional) - Let's celebrate success together! We will use this internally only to educate our sales teams on your solution. Here is a snapshot of the questions.

Create Demand

Now it's time for you to get the word out and create demand!

  • Announce your Lightning Bolt to your prospects and customers by using our press release template and consider writing a blog post, highlighting the news or making a post in social media.

  • To help you create your own demand, MDF will be available to support events, webinars and email campaigns.

Questions around launching your Lightning Bolt solution? Post them in the Chatter group - Official: Lightning Bolt for Partners.