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Partner Fundamentals

Please Note:  Salesforce Advisor Link is a product of Salesforce.org. In order to access many of the links on this page, you must be an active Salesforce.org Consulting Program Partner, and an approved member of the SAL Implementation Partners Forum (private Chatter group) on the Power of Us Hub.   Learn more about becoming a Salesforce.org Consulting Program Partner, which includes access to the Power of Us Hub.  Contact sfdopartners@salesforce.org with questions.

Below, if an asset is listed but there is no link, it means that this resource is currently under development.  Check back on this page for updates as new links become available.

Getting Started as a Salesforce Advisor Link Consultant

Introduction to Student Success - Domain Expertise

Introduction to Salesforce Advisor Link

Implement Salesforce Advisor Link

    Integration and Data Management Considerations with Salesforce Advisor Link