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These training and enablement resources are designed for Salesforce.org Network Consulting Partners.  Some of the resources listed here are free and open to the public, others require a login to the Power of Us Hub, or to a specific Group in the Power of Us Hub.  Roadmap, Partner Pilot information, and Groups to Join require a login and are only for Salesforce.org Network Consultant Partners under NDA.  Contact sfdopartners@salesforce.com with questions.


PY22 SFDO Network Prospectus

PY21 SFDO Partner Video - Learn More

- learn how to join the Network (video download)
- Trailhead: SFDO Partner Network Basics

SFDO Partner Network Onboarding*
- Course 1 - Learn About SFDO Network
- Course 2 - Onboarding Checklist
*use Partner Community login for Partner Learning Camp

FY21 SFDO Partner Events Calendar
- lists events, webinars, & more

SFDO Training & Enablement Calendar
- lists training events, release dates, deadlines

New! PY22 SFDO Navigator Tutorial
- Product & Industry Specializations

SFDO Certification Voucher Request
- SFDO Network Partners only

Certification - Annual Maintenance


Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Certification
- learn how to implement and get certified

Nonprofit Cloud Academy
- free, live and recorded training (NGO)

New! Advanced Nonprofit Cloud Training
- technical deep dive
- SFDO Network Partners only

New! Fundraising Fundamentals (EMEA)
- domain expertise for European Partners

Insights Platform Training

Humanitarian Subsector Training

Grants Management Training

PMM/Case Management Training

2020 Nonprofit Trends Report


Education Cloud Consultant Certification
- learn how to implement and get certified

Education Cloud Academy
- free, live and recorded training (EDU)

Salesforce Advisor Link Training
- training & resources

New! Admissions Connect

K-12 Training

2020 Connected Student Report


SFDO Marketing & Engagement
- learn how to implement and get certified

Marketing & Engagement Academy
- free, live and recorded training (MKTG)

SFDO MC Architect Series
- video training for SFDO Partners


Community Impact Model

How to Choose a Salesforce Partner

CumulusCI Training
- portable automation for Salesforce projects

Tech Transfer Training
- manage your IP process

Accounting Subledger Training

Elevate Training

PY21 SFDO Partner Navigator (login)
- Partner Community access required
- earn Specializations and Masters

SFDO Community Events & Programs
- customer resources

Salesforce.org Social Impact Report
- 2020 path to impact report

Healthy Org Workbook (Admin)


SFDO Partners - COVID-19 Group (Login)
SFDO Partners - COVID-19 Ideas Survey (Login)
COVID-19 Partner Innovation Group (Login)
Work.com - Partner Briefing Doc (Login)
Work.com Site
Nonprofit Crisis Comms - Email Guide
Salesforce Care Site
Standing Together Blog (COVID-19)
Salesforce - Latest Updates
Trailhead Cert Exam FAQ (COVID-19)
B-Well Together (Video Playlist)

(SFDO Network Partners Only)

New! Salesforce.org Release and Roadmap

(SFDO Network Partners only)

New! FY22 Webinar Registration
- SFDO Network Partners only

July 7, 2021 - Replay Slides
June 2021 - UNITE Partner Summit
May 6, 2021 - Replay, Slides
April 7, 2021 - Replay, Sides
March 3, 2021 - Replay, Slides
February 3, 2021 - Replay, Slides
January 13, 2021 - Replay, Slides
December 2, 2020 - Replay, Slides
November 4, 2020 - Replay, Slides
October 2020 - No Webinar
September 2020 - Replay, Slides
August 2020 - Replay, Slides
July 2020 - Replay, Slides
June 2020 - Replay, Slides
May 2020 - Replay, Slides
April 2020 - Replay, Slides
March 2020 - Replay, Slides
February 2020 - Replay, Slides

(SFDO Network Partners Only)

SFDO Consulting Partner Central
SFDO Partner Marketing Resources
SFDO Partners - COVID-19
SFDO EMEA Consulting Partners
SFDO APAC Consulting Partners
SFDO LATAM Consulting Partners
Salesforce.org Premium Partners


TRAIL Manage Your Nonprofit Mission
- Salesforce.org Nonprofit Cloud Basics
- Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Basics
- New! Tableau Basics for Nonprofits

TRAIL: Explore Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)
-Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Basics
-Constituent Data Management w/ NPSP
- New! Productivity with NPSP
-Constituent Email Management w/ NPSP
-Reports and Dashboards w/ NPSP

TRAIL: Prepare for Success with NC
Nonprofit Cloud Vision and Value Mapping
Nonprofit Cloud Readiness
Nonprofit Cloud Implementation Project BP

TRAIL: Fundraise with Nonprofit Cloud
- Donation Management Basics w/ NPSP
- Donation Soft Credit Management w/ NPSP
- Moves Management w/ NPSP
- Campaign Management w/ NPSP
- New! Accounting Subledger for NP and EDU

TRAIL: Manage Programs with Nonprofit Cloud
- Nonprofit Client Services w/ Service Cloud
- Program Management with NC
- Human Services w/ NC Case Management

TRAIL: Engage Constituents with Nonprofit Cloud
- New! Constituent Engagement: Quick Look
- Campaign Management w/ NPSP
- Engagement Plans and Levels in NPSP
- Pardot Lightning App Basics
- New! Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits: Quick Look
- Marketing Cloud Basics

TRAIL: Administer Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)
- NPSP Administration Basics
- Contact and Account Settings in NPSP
- Opportunity Settings in NPSP
- NPSP Health and Optimization

TRAIL: Import Data with Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)
PROJECT: NPSP into a Trailhead Playground
New! PROJECT: Import Your Data Using NPSP Data Importer
New! PROJECT: Extend NPSP Data Importer w/ Adv Mapping

New! Grants Management with Salesforce

Volunteers for Salesforce Basics (V4S)


TRAIL: Administer Education Data Architecture
- Education Data Architecture Basics
- New! EDA Configuration and Data Import
- New! Education Architecture Setup
- New! Constituent Management in EDA
- EDA Reports

TRAIL: Achieve Advancement Goals w/ Edu Cloud
Salesforce.org Education Cloud Basics
- Alumni Engagement with Education Cloud
- Donor Insights with Education Cloud
- Major Donor Relationship Management

Build a Connected Campus with Education Cloud
Salesforce.org Education Cloud Basics
Student Engagement with Education Cloud
Student Services with Education Cloud
Student Advising with Salesforce Advisor Link

Enroll Best-Fit Students with Education Cloud
- Student Recruitment and Admissions
- Student Enrollment and Onboarding Toolkit
- Data Insights for Student Recruitment and Admissions

Administer Salesforce for K-12 Educational Institutions
- Salesforce.org Education Cloud Basics
- Education Data Architecture Basics
- K-12 Architecture Kit Administration Basics
- User Management

New! Constituent-Centric Data Strategies for Education

New! Data Storage for Education Institutions: Quick Look

New! Accounting Subledger for Education: Quick Look

New! Holistic Student Support with Student Success Hub

New! Salesforce.org Education Community Basics

PROJECT: Install EDA Into a Trailhead Playground
New! PROJECT: Install K-12 Into a Trailhead Playground


TRAIL: Cultivate Philanthropy at Work
- Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud Basics
- Workplace Giving with Philanthropy Cloud


Salesforce.org Partner Network Basics

New! Inspire the Next Generation of Trailblazers
- Age of Makers
- Music for Change
- Future Trailblazer Challenge

UDHR: Shared Global Vision

New! UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights

TRAIL: Accelerate Your Mission w/ Impact Mgmt
- Impact Management Basics
- New! Tactics for Impact Management
- Impact Management for Humanitarian Organizations

TRAIL: Accelerate the SDGs
- SDGs: Blueprint for a Better Future
- Future Trailblazer Challenge

TRAIL: Volunteer Your Salesforce Expertise
Pro Bono Basics for Salesforce Professionals
Pro Bono Project Management

TRAIL: Build Applications with CumulusCI
- CumulusCI Basics
- CumulusCI Setup
- Community Project Development w/ CumulusCI
- Data Management with CumulusCI
- CumulusCI for Managed Packages
- CumulusCI for Post-Install Customizations