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Training & Enablement Resources

These training and enablement resources are designed for Salesforce.org Network Consulting Partners.  Some of the resources listed here are free and open to the public, others require a login to the Power of Us Hub, or to a specific Group in the Power of Us Hub.  Roadmap, Partner Pilot information, and Groups to Join require a login and are only for Salesforce.org Network Consultant Partners under NDA.  Contact sfdopartners@salesforce.com with questions.


New! PY22 SFDO Network Prospectus

PY21 SFDO Partner Video - Learn More

- learn how to join the Network (video download)
- Trailhead: SFDO Partner Network Basics

New! SFDO Partner Network Onboarding*
- Course 1 - Learn About SFDO Network
- Course 2 - Onboarding Checklist
*use Partner Community login for Partner Learning Camp

FY21 SFDO Partner Events Calendar
- lists events, webinars, & more

New! SFDO Training & Enablement Calendar
- lists training events, release dates, deadlines

New! PY22 SFDO Navigator Tutorial
- Product & Industry Specializations

SFDO Certification Voucher Request
- SFDO Network Partners only

Certification - Annual Maintenance


Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Certification
- learn how to implement and get certified

Nonprofit Cloud Academy
- free, live and recorded training (NGO)
- New! NGO Academy (Jan. 11-14, 2021)

New! Advanced Nonprofit Cloud Training
- technical deep dive
- SFDO Network Partners only

New! Insights Platform Training

New! Humanitarian Subsector Training

Grants Management Training

PMM/Case Management Training

2020 Nonprofit Trends Report

NGO Partner Playbook (login)
- product positioning and sales strategy


Education Cloud Consultant Certification
- learn how to implement and get certified

Education Cloud Academy
- free, live and recorded training (EDU)
- New! EDU Academy (Jan. 19-22, 2021)

Salesforce Advisor Link Training
- training & resources

Gift Entry Manager Training
- training & resources

New! K-12 Training
- training & resources

2020 Connected Student Report


SFDO Marketing & Engagement
- learn how to implement and get certified

Marketing & Engagement Academy
- free, live and recorded training (MKTG)
- New! M&E Academy (Jan. 25-28, 2021)

SFDO MC Architect Series
- video training for SFDO Partners


Community Impact Model

How to Choose a Salesforce Partner

CumulusCI Training
- portable automation for Salesforce projects

Tech Transfer Training
- manage your IP process

Accounting Subledger Training

Elevate Training

PY21 SFDO Partner Navigator (login)
- Partner Community access required
- earn Specializations and Masters

SFDO Community Events & Programs
- customer resources

Salesforce.org Social Impact Report
- 2020 path to impact report

Salesforce.org HubCap
- monthly newsletter to stay current

Healthy Org Workbook (Admin)


SFDO Partners - COVID-19 Group (Login)
SFDO Partners - COVID-19 Ideas Survey (Login)
COVID-19 Partner Innovation Group (Login)
Work.com - Partner Briefing Doc (Login)
Work.com Site
Nonprofit Crisis Comms - Email Guide
Salesforce Care Site
Standing Together Blog (COVID-19)
Salesforce - Latest Updates
Trailhead Cert Exam FAQ (COVID-19)
B-Well Together (Video Playlist)

(SFDO Network Partners Only)

New! Salesforce.org Release and Roadmap

(SFDO Network Partners Only)

New! Salesforce.org Release and Roadmap

(SFDO Network Partners only)

PY22 Webinar Registration (Coming Soon!)
- SFDO Network Partners only

PY21 Webinar Registration
- SFDO Network Partners only

January 13, 2020 - Replay, Slides
December 2, 2020 - Replay, Slides
November 4, 2020 - Replay, Slides
October 2020 - No Webinar
September 2020 - Replay, Slides
August 2020 - Replay, Slides
July 2020 - Replay, Slides
June 2020 - Replay, Slides
May 2020 - Replay, Slides
April 2020 - Replay, Slides
March 2020 - Replay, Slides
February 2020 - Replay, Slides

(SFDO Network Partners Only)

SFDO Consulting Partner Central
SFDO Partner Marketing Resources
SFDO Partners - COVID-19
SFDO EMEA Consulting Partners
SFDO APAC Consulting Partners
SFDO LATAM Consulting Partners
Salesforce.org Premium Partners


TRAIL Manage Your Nonprofit Mission
- Salesforce.org Nonprofit Cloud Basics
- Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Basics
- New! Tableau Basics for Nonprofits

TRAIL: Explore Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)
-Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Basics
-Constituent Data Management w/ NPSP
- New! Productivity with NPSP
-Constituent Email Management w/ NPSP
-Reports and Dashboards w/ NPSP

TRAIL: Prepare for Success with NC
Nonprofit Cloud Vision and Value Mapping
Nonprofit Cloud Readiness
Nonprofit Cloud Implementation Project BP

TRAIL: Fundraise with Nonprofit Cloud
- Donation Management Basics w/ NPSP
- Donation Soft Credit Management w/ NPSP
- Moves Management w/ NPSP
- Campaign Management w/ NPSP
- New! Accounting Subledger for NP and EDU

TRAIL: Manage Programs with Nonprofit Cloud
- Nonprofit Client Services w/ Service Cloud
- Program Management with NC
- Human Services w/ NC Case Management

TRAIL: Engage Constituents with Nonprofit Cloud
- Campaign Management w/ NPSP
- Engagement Plans and Levels in NPSP
- Pardot Lightning App Basics
- Marketing Cloud Basics

TRAIL: Administer Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)
- NPSP Administration Basics
- Contact and Account Settings in NPSP
- Opportunity Settings in NPSP
- NPSP Health and Optimization

New! PROJECT: Import Your Data Using NPSP Data Importer

PROJECT: NPSP into a Trailhead Playground

Volunteers for Salesforce Basics (V4S)


TRAIL: Administer Education Data Architecture
- Education Data Architecture Basics
- New! EDA Configuration and Data Import
- New! Education Architecture Setup
- New! Constituent Management in EDA
- EDA Reports

TRAIL: Achieve Advancement Goals w/ Edu Cloud
Salesforce.org Education Cloud Basics
- Alumni Engagement with Education Cloud
- Donor Insights with Education Cloud
- Major Donor Relationship Management
- Gift Entry Manager

Build a Connected Campus with Education Cloud
Salesforce.org Education Cloud Basics
Student Engagement with Education Cloud
Student Services with Education Cloud
Student Advising with Salesforce Advisor Link

Enroll Best-Fit Students with Education Cloud
- Student Recruitment and Admissions
- Student Enrollment and Onboarding Toolkit
- Data Insights for Student Recruitment and Admissions

Administer Salesforce for K-12 Educational Institutions
- Salesforce.org Education Cloud Basics
- Education Data Architecture Basics
- K-12 Architecture Kit Administration Basics
- User Management

New! PROJECT: Install EDA Into a Trailhead Playground


TRAIL: Cultivate Philanthropy at Work
- Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud Basics
- Workplace Giving with Philanthropy Cloud


Salesforce.org Partner Network Basics

New! Impact Management Basics

New! UDHR: Shared Global Vision

TRAIL: Accelerate the SDGs
- SDGs: Blueprint for a Better Future
- Future Trailblazer Challenge

TRAIL: Volunteer Your Salesforce Expertise
Pro Bono Basics for Salesforce Professionals
Pro Bono Project Management

TRAIL: Build Applications with CumulusCI
- CumulusCI Basics
- CumulusCI Setup
- Community Project Development w/ CumulusCI
- Data Management with CumulusCI
- CumulusCI for Managed Packages
- CumulusCI for Post-Install Customizations