Platform Encryption for Partners

Companies across industries bring more data into Salesforce than ever before. With more sensitive data in the cloud, the security and compliance requirements that CIOs and CISOs must address become more complex. The Salesforce Platform features and supports infrastructure that enables customers to easily and securely encrypt data at rest in Salesforce while preserving critical business functionality. 

This pragmatic approach includes three requirements shared by a wide variety of customers in regulated industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare, and Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Technology, and Government: 
  1. Encrypt sensitive data when it’s stored at rest in the Salesforce Platform. 
  2. Support customer-controlled encryption key life cycles. 
  3. Preserve application and Salesforce Platform functionality. 
Platform Encryption takes place between database and application layers to preserve functionalities as much as possible while providing a very high level of security when accessing data and files.

Please review the Platform Encryption for AppExchange Partners (ISVs) Webinar (see "Media"), the What You Need to Know to understand how to enable Platform Encryption in your org, Resources (like the Implementation Guide), and an FAQ.