AppExchange Partners (ISV), Need Help Signing Up for the Partner Community?

So you're interested in joining the Salesforce ecosystem as an AppExchange (ISV) Partner, but not sure where to begin?

The place any prospective partner should be heading is toward the partner community. You can get started at and clicking the “Ready to Join Now?” button. Alternatively, to enter the community directly, visit or if you're in a hurry! On the partner community landing page, hit the blue “Join Now” button, shown below.


Once you start the sign up wizard, you'll be faced with the following page, where you should click “Join the Partner Community”


We understand that many prospective Salesforce partners have existing Salesforce accounts. This is often due to your customer relationship with us, or perhaps a developer edition of Salesforce that you have spun up previously. Nevertheless, you should avoid using existing credentials during the partner sign up process. We'll get into why this is later on, but for now, just make sure you click the “Get a Salesforce User Name” button shown below


Fill out the form below, but note that your username must be unique. The format should be in the style of a username, but doesn't have to be associated to an email address you own. You can, however, continue to use your own email in the email field


After pressing “Create Username” you'll then receive an email to the address you provided in the previous step and should follow the instructions below to get access to the Partner Community


Once you've verified your account and set up a password, you'll be logged into an Enterprise Edition of Salesforce*. This is what we refer to as your Partner Business Org (PBO) and this will only be created for you if you used the “Get a Salesforce Username” option earlier in the process.

The PBO has a few great tools to manage your ISV business and app with Salesforce, but we're not going to cover those in this blog. Instead, you should look to our great resources on the PBO and the tools which sit within it in our documentation on the Partner Community, here.

Instead of focusing on the Partner Business Org, we are going to make the jump over to the focus of this blog; The Partner Community. You can get to the partner community by going to or using the shortened URL Back on the front page, hit the “Log In” button this time

Important notes about the PBO
The Partner Business Org is a fully fledged Enterprise Edition of Salesforce with 2 free licenses for our partners. The org has a lifetime of 12 months and is automatically deactivated after this period, unless you make it permanent or extend it. Note that the deactivation will also revoke your partner community login. Once a contract has been signed, please raise a case within the partner community to have the org made permanent. If you need more than 12 months, please raise a case to extend the lifetime of the org. After signing a contract with Salesforce, ISVs who have their own existing orgs will be able to raise a case within the partner community in order to merge the ISV tools with their own orgs, up until that point, the new PBO should be used.


Click Log in with Salesforce and your user should be automatically detected if you're still logged into the PBO. In which case, hit “Allow” shown below. 

If your user is not automatically detected, simply fill in your details in the screen which follows. Once you've logged in, you'll be faced with the following options. Since you're looking to join the ISV Partnership, select “Join Partner Program”


Next, fill out the information requested and make sure that you select the “AppExchange Partner” option. Please also note that you'll not be bound to the information provided here, the purpose of this is to give our business development team an idea of the product you have created/will be creating. See an example below


Following this, there are a couple of agreements to confirm. Make sure you understand the information and click through the pages


Once complete, your application will be sent for review. It's important that you've selected the AppExchange Partner option previously in the process, since this will impact your submission. As an AppExchange partner, your application should be approved within a few minutes, rather than the days indicated in the Thank You message. 


Shortly after the above message, you will receive a “Welcome to the Salesforce Partner Community!” email. This will contain your chosen username and using the same password as you previously created for the Partner Business Org, you'll be able to log in. Signing into the community for the first time will require a few more fields to be filled out about you and you should consider personalising your profile. Further along the wizard relevant groups will be suggested to you, be sure to join the AppExchange & ISV Technical Enablement Group for your ISV-centric technical questions. 


Once done, go ahead and add other members from your organization under the “Manage Users” tab and explore the great resources available to you.

Parting Notes
Hopefully the above walkthrough has been useful for you and you're now a member of the thriving Partner Community ready to take the next steps toward listing your app. Please consider the resources found at the below link to guide you on your journey: