Partner Security Portal Overview: Office Hours and Security Scans

The Partner Security Portal is the primary destination to schedule technical office hours and perform security scans. Office hours are a great resource to: 

- Ask the Security Review team questions about the security review process and submission logistics
- Connect with the Product Security team on technical aspects of your app, such as security vulnerabilities 

Before submitting a package to Security Review, you must perform Checkmarx and/or Chimera scans via the Partner Security Portal. Exactly which scan or scans are required depends on the architecture of your app.

How to Log in to the Partner Security Portal
1. Ensure a Developer Edition org is attached to your Organizations tab in the Partner Community
2. To link an org to the Partner Community, navigate to the Publishing tab, then the Organizations subtab
3. Enter your username and password for the org to be linked (make sure the user has Author Apex permission enabled)
4. Use the same credentials to log in to the Partner Security Portal

Log in to the Partner Security Scanner Portal >