Promote your Listing with the AppExchange Marketing Program (AMP)

The AppExchange Marketing Program (AMP) is one of many resources available to Salesforce AppExchange Partners. AMP offers co-marketing opportunities as an extension of Salesforce corporate marketing. It is a turnkey, paid program that specializes in tactics where AppExchange is needed to reach Salesforce customers, employees, and influencers as a complement to your own marketing.

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Who can participate? Any Salesforce AppExchange Partner with:

- A live, public AppExchange listing

- Price specified on listing (not “free” or “contact us for pricing”)

- A revenue-sharing agreement with Salesforce

- A Lightning Ready solution

- Adherence to branding guidelines >

What is the program timing? 

The AMP team releases new co-marketing opportunities every six months, roughly in December and June.  Partners then select participation by Salesforce quarter: Q1: February - April, Q2: May - July, Q3: August - October, and Q4: November - January

Promotions Available for August 2019 - January 2020

Please review our resources below that cover all available AMP promotions and details. Once you have confirmed which promotions to apply for, follow steps 1-4 outlined below.

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