Due Diligence Review for Partners

As you progress through your journey to becoming an official Salesforce partner, it is important to note that there is a pre-condition to your business relationship between Salesforce and your company—submitting a Due Diligence Questionnaire (DDQ) and Compliance Certification. The DDQ and Compliance Certification is a necessary step, ensuring that Salesforce works with businesses that operate with the highest degree of integrity and are in compliance with all applicable laws, including those that prohibit corruption and bribery. We seek to do business with commercial entities that share in this commitment. That being said, there are important steps in Salesforce's due diligence process. Please review the instructions and frequently asked questions on this page to become familiar with the process.

This process can take several weeks. We appreciate your patience as we uphold trust as our #1 Salesforce value.

Review the Required Documents

For reference, below are the required documents. Unless requested to do so by representation from the Salesforce Partner Program, please do not complete these documents outside of the Partner Community, per the instructions outlined below.