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Partner Community

Get Ready For an Enhanced and Personalized Experience

Your destination for a connected partner experience is the Partner Community where you can continuously learn, grow, innovate, and lead throughout your partner journey with the world's #1 CRM company. Our goal is to go back to basics; to create a common platform, equally accessible for all partners, regardless of where they are in their partner lifecycle. We have streamlined our approach in order to rethink and reimagine an ideal partner experience for you. Salesforce aims to empower partners with the technology, educational and management tools necessary to build the most powerful businesses and trusted customer relationships.

This new experience is a long-term effort, transformational in scale, and like all good things, will take time. We will build a new community, leveraging new features as they arrive. This is not one big bang, but a continual update of our Partner Community over the course of the next two years. 

November 2020 Enhancements

Right out of the gate, we improved upon features in the Partner Community that enable you to gain better insights and supercharge your growth. We are launching two critical enhancements to the Partner Community:

(1) Make strategic decisions with the New Trailblazer Scorecard:
We have created a new Scorecard experience! This dynamic tool provides partners with unified and transparent visibility into how program metrics will be calculated beginning in March 2021, so that you can take key actions to manage your business.

Partner individuals must be assigned 'Partnership' access permissions to view the new score card feature. To determine if you have this permission, log into the Partner Community and navigate to the Managed tab under the Partner Community header. If you do not see the Managed tab, you will need to reach out to your program admin to request the permissions access be turned on.

(2) Discover content instantly with Enhanced Content Search:
We have developed more accessible self-service search functionality to empower partners to generate personalized results via an enhanced user interface We are also revamping our content strategy, top to bottom, to provide more accessibility and personalized results via an enhanced user interface.

Take a tour of the latest enhancements:

Read about our vision for this reimagined Partner Community.

Have questions? Check out our Partner FAQ Pocket Guide for answers. 


Partner Learning Camp
Partner Learning Camp (PLC) is the primary learning destination to prepare Partner Trailblazers to meet the needs of our customers now and in the future. Engage in on-demand learning experiences personalized to meet your needs, and deepen your expertise so that you can: 
  • - Build, sell, and implement solutions better and faster than ever before
  • - Expand product and industry knowledge to earn Navigator distinctions
  • - Deliver solutions and drive customer success with confidence
#AlwaysBeLearning with Partner Learning Camp! Join the over 8,000 Partner Trailblazers who are taking advantage of 350+ courses. To get started, take a tour and complete the “Learn How to Use Partner Learning Camp” course to learn more.


Partner Marketing Center
The Partner Marketing Center (PMC) is your one-stop shop for customizable marketing assets. By logging into the PMC you can easily access, customize, and deploy integrated campaigns for your customers all in one place.

The PMC has assets to help you meet your marketing goals including:
  • - Turnkey assets such as co-branded industry and product campaigns
  • - Digital assets like social media campaigns and digital ads
  • - Assets to help you connect with customers including sales decks, e-mail campaigns and call scripts
We also just recently refreshed content and the navigation to make it even more relevant for building new customized campaigns to connect with your customers, reach new audiences, and grow your business. With +400 pieces of content covering our top products and industries, you’ll find something to help accelerate your marketing.

To get started check out this video (link coming soon) to learn more and log in or register today to start marketing!