Partner Program

/s/SalesforceOrg.png?v=1 is a social enterprise that donates free and highly discounted licenses to qualified nonprofits and education institutions. Thanks to the Power of Us Program, we have donated 10 free licenses to over 40,000 nonprofits and counting. and our consulting partners deliver technologies that primarily serve the Nonprofit and Higher Education verticals. Because of the unique products and 
Go-To-Market strategies used in the market, we have developed a partnership program and online community to serve these customers. 

As a partner, review the links below (note: Partner Community login is required for some assets) including the Overview video, the What You Need to Know to engage with our Salesforce team, additional Resources, and an FAQ.

If you are interested in becoming a Partner (you must first be a Partner in good standing), please review this prospectus

Once you have reviewed the prospectus and met the requirements, complete this online form to request membership in the SFDO Consulting Partner Program.

For questions or more information, email