Scale and Access New Markets

Take Your Solution Global with AppExchange

Did you know that there are more than 150K Salesforce customers located in more than 100 countries? By bringing your business to AppExchange, you can serve a global community of Salesforce customers that are hungry for enterprise solutions to help solve their biggest business challenges. Our marketplace not only gives you access to the Salesforce customer base, it give you access to highly engaged users and heavy adopters of AppExchange. In fact, 88% of Salesforce customers have installed at least one AppExchange solution and that number goes up to 95% when looking at the Fortune 100.

Drive Awareness and Demand For Your Solution

Getting your solution to market on AppExchange is just the start of our partnership journey. Driving awareness and demand for your solution will be a key part of your business strategy. As part of the AppExchange ISV Partner Program, you get access to a variety of resources and tools to help you go deep on Salesforce go-to-market best practices. For example, our Partner Success Basics Webinar Series is a great way for ISVs to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to be successful on AppExchange. You also have access to paid and free co-marketing opportunities to support your overall marketing efforts. From the AppExchange Marketing Program (AMP), to event sponsorship opportunities, and much more, you have the services at your disposal to drive toward your marketing goals.

Gaining the Mindshare of Salesforce Teams

Learning how to stand out in the Salesforce Ecosystem takes strategic planning and dedicated resources. While the opportunity to make relationships with our core Sales Team is a key referral strategy for many of our partners, understanding the Salesforce organizational landscape and go-to-market strategy at the get-go is critical to landing your message with internal Salesforce sales teams. Join one of our weekly “Selling with Salesforce” webinars to learn how to navigate Salesforce and optimize your solution messaging to gain the mindshare of Salesforce Teams.

Ready to start your journey with the AppExchange and experience the ISV Partner Program Advantage? Kick it off today by reviewing the AppExchange ISV Onboarding Guide where we cover the six key milestones to become a partner.