Create Customer Champions with AppExchange Test Drives

Most people wouldn’t purchase a car without at least driving it at least once. Test Drives put the Customer behind the wheel and lets them discover, learn and explore an ISV’s app at their own pace. After being transported into a shared org with a single click, the customer will explore via a guided experience that takes them through functional app pages, pre-populated sample data and when ready, options to connect with sales teams all without any installation need. The resources below will teach anyone how to build their own Test Drive; starting from the ideation phase, customization of the Welcome Mat landing page and creation of In-App Guidance Walkthrough journeys.

Central to a Test Drive is a pre-configured Salesforce Org which customers log into via a shared read-only evaluation user profile. ISVs tailor the experience by loading in sample data, their working application and In-App Guidance prompts to guide the user through the demo experience.Built and configured by the AppExchange ISV, Test Drives are for customers to learn and discover an ISV’s solution at their own pace.
Early ISV adopters of Test Drives have seen more qualified leads, reduced demo overhead, and even shorter time to close... all for zero cost!
Want to see an AppExchange Test Drive in action? Navigate to the Lightning File Explorer AppExchange Listing to take a Test Drive today.
Learn more about the creation and creation of Test Drives with the First Call Deck, Welcome Mat User Manual, and the Test Drive Development Kit found in the Resources section below.