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Scheduled Automatic Switching of Users to Lightning Experience

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Test New CrUC for App Compatibility      

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Changes to Record Type Access in Permission Sets within Managed Packages     

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New Permissions Required to Access Apex Classes containing @AuraEnabled methods

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Enhancing User Experience: In-app Guidance & Login Flows
19th Dec 2019

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Power Solution with Flow Winter'20

Technical Essentials

With lots to keep track of, it can be challenging to know what to focus on. That's why we've identified the necessary basics
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Create in-app guidance to help users get the most value out of your Salesforce app        

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Create your own iOS, Android, or hybrid mobile apps powered by the Salesforce Platform

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Optimize your business processes by harnessing the power of Lightning Flow.

Roll up your sleeves and develop, package, and test your first AppExchange app

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