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Get resources geared specifically towards your app. Learn how with the ISV Technical Enablement plugin for Salesforce DX.


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Salesforce Spring ’21 Release Overview for ISVs

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Upcoming Enforcing Changes Affecting Guest User Object Permissions

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Comprehensive Security Review Checklist
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Salesforce Platform API Versions 21.0 thru 30.0 in Summer '22

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We've identified the top resources you need to succeed as an ISV partner.

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Getting Started with AppExchange App Analytics

Get the tools you need to build your app with the AppExchange Partner Program

Learn how to use application lifecycle and development models on the Lightning Platform


Participate in a pilot by testing out new features that aren't yet publicly available. Check out the upcoming opportunities below.

Embedded Analytics Metrics and MonitoringLWC Field Service Mobile Developer PreviewMass Operations APIOther Pilots

Understand which metrics may be useful to our partners, and to the admins for analytics apps

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Developer preview of LWC in the Field Service mobile app

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Mass operations is an extension of the REST API composite resources that lets a client define a set of records and an operation to be performed for each record

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Access a full list of partner related pilots and nominate yourself using this Google form

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