Lightning Ready for AppExchange Partners (ISV)

All apps listed on the AppExchange must be Lightning-compatible

APPEXCHANGE PARTNERS (Lightning Ready Apps) | CONSULTING PARTNERS (Lightning Accreditation)

We'll get right to it - Lightning Experience is the future of the Salesforce User Experience. Every day, more and more customers are making the switch to Lightning Experience from Classic, and for good reason. Each release delivers new Lightning-exclusive features that customers want to use. As an AppExchange Partner, you need to be ready to serve this growing universe of customers. The Lightning Ready ( designation is your way of letting prospects know that your app won't hold them back from adopting Lightning Experience. 

Are you working on a new app for the AppExchange?
If so, Lightning Readiness is a requirement. All new apps entering Security Review, the final step before publishing on the AppExchange, must be Lightning Ready as a prerequisite.

Have an existing app on the AppExchange?
Don't be the app that prevents your customer from adopting Lightning Experience. Test your app and, if necessary, update it to make it compatible. The requirements for being Lightning Ready are pretty straightforward: your app has to work in Lightning Experience. Yep, that's it. You don't have to re-style your app or build a Lightning Component, although we'll applaud your effort if you do and your customers will appreciate it

For everything you need to know about getting your app Lightning Ready, including step-by-step instructions, please refer to our Lightning Ready Guide.

New! Want to get hands-on experience with Lightning? See the upcoming dates for our Lightning Now Tour here.

If you have questions, please visit our AppExchange & ISV - Everything Lightning Group on the Partner Community.