Connect with the AppExchange Partner Program Team

After reviewing this page, you'll be able to:

  1. Explain how the Partner Community will help you on your AppExchange journey and how to get access.

  2. Identify the key people here to help you as a partner.

  3. Interact with the AppExchange Partner Program team.

Meet the Ohana!

Now that you’ve learned what it means to be a Trailblazer, it’s time to meet the Ohana. Not sure what this “Ohana” thing is all about? There’s a trail for that, too (you saw that coming, right?). The Ohana extends from our employees to our partners, customers, and members of our communities. We work collaboratively, take care of one another, have fun together, and relate to those around us on a fundamental, human level.

As an AppExchange Partner, the best way to meet the Ohana is through the Partner Community. You’re actually already in the Partner Community by being on this page! It’s where partners manage their business, learn best practices, and engage with other partners and Salesforce employees in a secure environment. Learn how to get access, maintain access for your team, and take a tour of what’s available in the Partner Community module. 

You'll need access to the Partner Community to complete the checklist, so get going and we'll see you soon!


What Salesforce team members will I get to meet along the way?

Along your journey to become an AppExchange partner, there are several different groups that you will interact with. Each serves a different purpose and it’s important to understand them so you know how and where to direct any questions or issues that you may run into.

Business Development Representative (BDR)

The Business Development Representative (BDR) is your primary AppExchange partner expert. They help you think through the partner onboarding process and next steps. Their goal is to understand your app and partnership objectives to better guide you.

When you get to step 7 in our checklist, you’ll be submitting your application for business approval. That’s where we start taking our relationship to the next level so you can become an AppExchange partner. Once you submit, a BDR will schedule a call with you to discuss appropriate next steps.

Prior to that, if you’d like to connect with a BDR, or have any onboarding questions, visit the Partner Onboarding Group in the Partner Community and post your question. The BDR team will be there to help.

Technical Evangelist (TE)

Technical Evangelists are experts on the Salesforce Platform. They develop technical content, deliver sessions at events, and communicate product updates to the Partner Community. During the onboarding process, the TE will review your product and provide advice before heading into security review.

The TE will join you and the BDR on your business approval call to discuss the technical details of your product. If you have questions or want to connect prior to that, visit the AppExchange & ISV Technical Enablement Group in the Partner Community. There you can ask questions, get access to office hours, monthly product webinars, and more!

Partner Account Manager (PAM)

As you build your Salesforce customer base and grow as a partner, you may be assigned a Partner Account Manager. The Partner Account Manager (PAM) will help create a joint go-to-market plan and advise on growth strategies within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Why wait? Get started today.

As an AppExchange Trailblazer, we’re sure you have lots of questions. Good news is-- we have lots of answers. The Ohana is here and ready to help lend a hand, so join us today!