Partner Business Org Overview

Every company needs a CRM system to run their business and operations. Which is why, as a benefit of being a Salesforce Partner, you will receive access to the Partner Business Org (PBO). This is a production environment to place all of your critical apps and data. The Partner Business Org has AppExchange partner tools pre-installed, along with two free Enterprise Edition Sales Cloud licenses.

Leveraging the Partner Business Org
For ISV Partners, the Partner Business Org enables you to publish and manage the sale and distribution of your app, as well as utilizing key partner technologies such as License Management (LMA), Channel Order App (COA), and Environment Hub. 

For Consulting Partners, the Partner Business Org can help you to manage leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, as well as support for your own customers. Note: you must meet the qualifications of the program to qualify for this benefit. 

If purchasing additional licenses, in some scenarios a partner may need to purchase a CRM license (despite having courtesy licenses already) for their org in order to purchase additional platform licenses.