Embark on the Salesforce Reseller Marketing Journey

Effective marketing is an important part a successful Salesforce Reseller practice. To help make it easier for Resellers to develop a high-performing marketing program, Salesforce has developed the Reseller Marketing Journey. The Marketing Journey is designed to guide Resellers through the basic process of establishing and launching your marketing practice, with instruction and co-branded templates that will help you make the most of Salesforce support while you develop and launch a sound, strategic marketing plan. 

If you’re just getting started with your Salesforce practice, this will be an excellent resource for you.

The Marketing Journey is broken down into three levels:

The 100 Level

The 100 level will take you through marketing basics and explain how to participate in the Salesforce Co-Marketing program, then help you build your marketing plan and launch your first outreach. The 100 Level has four tracks:

Track 101Track 102Track 103Track 104

Get Organized Before
You Get Started

Incorporating Salesforce
Into Your Brand
Crafting Your Marketing
Strategy & Plan
Announcing Your
Salesforce Partnership

The 200 Level 

The 200 level will guide you through basic marketing activities to help you build your lead generation capabilities. The 200 level has three tracks:

The 300 Level 

The 300 level will guide you through more advanced event marketing efforts, to ensure you capture the most value from your major marketing investments. The 300 level has two tracks:

We recommend that you bookmark this page and visit it often as you build your marketing program. If you have questions or would like additional guidance as you explore the Reseller Marketing Journey, please contact your Channel Account Manager.