Datorama Service Order Submission and Non-Renewal Instructions for AppExchange Partners

Datorama partners should follow the below steps for submitting a Service Order or for providing notice of a Service Order Non-Renewal.

Service Order Submission
Datorama AppExchange Partners must submit Service Orders through the Datorama Revenue Share Order Form ("Datorama Order Form"). Service Orders must include the information set forth in the Datorama Order Form. Such information will constitute the Provisioning Information for the applicable Service Order for the purpose of the Partner Application Distribution Agreement ("PADA”).

Service Order Non-Renewals
Non-renewal requests for Service Orders must be provided in accordance with the terms provided in PADA, if applicable. Please provide written notice of non-renewal for a Service Order via a case in the Partner Community page.

Non-Renewal Case Submission Instructions
Please select the following from the drop-down in the Case: 

  • - Topic: Order Provisioning and Active Org Access
  • - Sub Topic:: Reduction/Cancellation Order Request
  • - Subject: Marketing Cloud Service Order Non-Renewal Request

Please provide these details within the case:

  • - Customer name:
  • - Invoice Number or Contract Number (found on invoice):
  • - Requested termination or reduction effective date (note: non-renewal and reduction notices only take effect on eligible renewal dates as set forth in the PADA):  

If reduction request (vs. non-renewal) please also provide:

  • - Product name, quantity, and Salesforce price (as shown on invoice):