Sell on AppExchange

After reviewing this page, you'll be able to:

  1. Describe the steps needed to go to market on the AppExchange.

  2. Outline the characteristics of a good AppExchange listing.

  3. Describe how AppExchange Checkout is used to collect payments.

  4. Find additional resources to help you sell your app to customers.

Congratulations—You’re Ready to Go to Market!

Let’s stop for a moment and recognize how far you’ve come - you’re on the last step of the checklist and about to finally take your product to market! Congratulations! We know you’ve already invested so much and are ready to sell to eager customers. Just a few more things to do and you’ll be ready to go.  We know there are a lot of ways to market and sell your app, so we’re making it easy by outlining the key steps that will help you hit the ground running.

4 Steps to Make Your Debut

At this point, your customer-facing sales messaging should be polished and ready for its debut. You'll need a clear value statement and a compelling product description to complete your next task: listing and selling your application on the AppExchange.

  1. Build Your AppExchange Listing — Your listing is a critical first step towards building a strong and recognizable brand on AppExchange, so we’ve provided all the resources and best practices information you’ll need to build a best-in-class listing and attract potential customers.

  2. Sign up for Checkout - Checkout is the simplest way to manage payments for your product.  Powered by Stripe, Checkout lets customers pay with a credit card or bank account directly from your listing, so buying is easy, and customers can manage their own subscriptions through their AppExchange account. Licensing is also fully automated so you can focus on more important things like growing your business.

  3. Take the App Selling Trail — We love learning with Trailhead, and there’s no better way to prepare for conversations and meetings with Salesforce sales teams and customers than taking this module. Share it with everyone in your organization who will be interacting with Salesforce and/or Salesforce customers.

  4. Complete Your Salesforce-Facing Sales Kit — A lot can go into your sales kit (and we love that), but if you’re starting with basics, these five assets are a must. Find everything you need to get started, with templates used by our largest, most successful partners and by our smallest, newest partners.

Keep Calm and Carry On

If you’ve completed these four steps, congratulations! You’re live on the AppExchange and are selling your app. And this is just the beginning: once you’re up and running, have a look around the Partner Community at some of the additional resources we offer to help optimize partner success:

  • AppExchange Marketing Program—Learn how we can help accelerate our partners’ business through beautiful, effective co-marketing.

  • Sponsorship Sales—Leverage Salesforce World Tours and Dreamforce to launch your business, announce new products, and gain major traction in the ecosystem.

  • Partner Power Hour—Join our weekly free webinars for insights and inspiration from other partners and thought leaders in the ecosystem.

  • Sell Like Salesforce Checklist—Learn how to sell hand-in-hand with Salesforce with this best practices checklist.

  • Top Demo Resources—Prepare a best-in-class demo to showcase your product.

  • Additional Sales Resources—Our App Toolkit has a multitude of best practice resources built by our Partner Success Team based on firsthand experience from working with successful Salesforce partners.

We’re always focused on providing our partners with the right content you need to grow your business. Stay up to date on the latest by joining the Official: Partner Community Chatter Group.