Webassessor for Partners 


Webassessor (by Kryterion) is a secure, online testing tool used by Salesforce to administer certification exams. After taking Salesforce certification exams, you can track your company’s certified professionals in the Business Console of the Partner Community (note: you must have the ‘Manage Partnership’ permission in order to see the Business Console in the Partner Community). 

To ensure that your certifications are properly tracked on the Partner Community, follow the steps under ‘What You Need to Know.’ 

Want to display your certifications on your Partner Community Profile? See the steps here

Have questions about Salesforce certifications?

New! Now that Salesforce certification maintenance has moved to Trailhead, the only way we'll know you've maintained your credential(s) is by linking your Trailhead and Webassessor accounts before maintenance is due on December 14, 2018. If you don't link your accounts by then, your credential(s) will expire. Learn more here.