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Salesforce B2C Commerce (formerly Demandware) is a cloud-based software solution that empowers companies to unify the customer experience across all points of commerce, including web, social, mobile, store, and others. From shopping to fulfillment, to customer service, B2C Commerce delivers a 1-to-1 shopping experience with built-in predictive intelligence.

As a Salesforce B2C Commerce LINK Technology Partner, you offer value-added capabilities and applications that compliment B2C Commerce. Best of all, we certify your integrations, so you’re a true partner, not a vendor. If you would like to engage with the B2C Commerce LINK Partner Team, please visit the What You Need to Know tab to understand how to become a LINK Technology Partner, and the Resources tab, where you can find useful documentation (like the "LINK Technology Partner Program Guide").

Access the B2C Commerce Learning path for Sales and Technical resources here >.

Additional questions? Engage with the Technology Partner Team and others in the partner ecosystem in the LINK Technology Partner Program Group.