Quip for Partners 


Quip is the next-generation productivity suite that combines documents, spreadsheets, task lists, team chat, and CRM in one seamless experience known as a living document. It is 100% cloud-based, and built for both your desktop and mobile device so you can work with your team the way you want to. Quip is built to help every team in your business — sales, service, marketing, product, IT, and more — work smarter, collaborate more effectively, and increase their productivity.

Welcome, Salesforce Partners! We are excited to introduce you to Quip and all its capabilities. Our mission at Quip is to build a tool that every employee, at every company, enjoys using every day. While we're excited for you to start sharing Quip, we invite you to start using Quip first. The best way to truly understand Quip is to use it! 

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Questions? Engage with us in the Quip for Partners Group