Enterprise Scale Testing for Partners

/s/image03.jpg?v=1Designing for high performance is a critical part of the success of ISV applications. Don’t let your largest and most important customers find performance issues with your app before you do. As you design and build your app, ask yourselves these questions: 

  • Does my application perform well for a large number of concurrent users? 
  • Can my application scale to elegantly handle a large amount of data?
Large Data Volume testing is an aspect of this performance testing for a large amount of data (millions of records) in an org with a significant load (thousands) of concurrent users. 

Value for ISVs
  • Build Enterprise class applications 
  • Confidence that your apps will Scale 
  • Competitive advantage in marketplace 
  • Better performance = Increased Revenue
As a Salesforce partner, please review the demo videos (see "Media"), the What You Need to Know to understand the steps for performance testing, Resources and an FAQ

Additional questions? Engage with us in the Enterprise Scale Collaboration Group