Salesforce Partner Advisory Board Charter

Accelerating Customer Success with Our Trusted Advisors.

Partner Advisory Board Mission

Partner advisory boards bring together partners from our ecosystem to solicit feedback and guidance to Salesforce on programs, product, and industry solutions to better meet customer demands while co-defining the future of scalable and cost effective products. Advisory Boards provide an open forum for partners to share information and insights with Salesforce regarding trends to uncover opportunities in the respective product, industry, or market.

Membership Duration & Expectations

In order to assure the highest value from the board, members are carefully reviewed and selected based on their application submission. Partners are selected at the individual level, not firm level. PAB members will be expected to attend 1-2 in person meetings and quarterly follow-up virtual meetings. All active members will serve on a board for 2 years with the option to be extended another term. At the end of this period, the PAB Steering committee will review and evaluate members based on partner diversification, regional distribution, active engagement and participation in all PAB activities.  

Member Benefits

Advisory Board Members will have the following benefits:
  • - Gain insight and directly influence Salesforce's strategic initiatives and vision
  • - Improve overall customer experience and service
  • - Opportunity to pilot new product features
  • - Learn industry and product trends that can be applied in their organizations
  • - Network and build relationships with Salesforce leadership
  • - Engage and network with partners for potential personal & professional growth

Salesforce Benefits

Salesforce will receive the following benefit from an advisory board:
  • - Validate strategy and execution of a product, industry, or program
  • - Enhance product offerings based on partner feedback
  • - Pilot new product features to partners
  • - Branding and positioning insight
  • - Gain insight in the field on customer buying decisions and behaviors
  • - Create new opportunities with partners