Partner Referral Benefit Overview

Earn a referral benefit by blazing trails as a Salesforce Consulting partner. By being part of the Consulting Partner Program, partners may be eligible to receive a referral benefit when a referred lead is submitted through the Partner Community. In order to qualify, the referral must meet the requirements described in the Consulting Program Policy Guide and the lead must be converted into a Salesforce direct sale opportunity, which closes therafter. Explore this page to learn more about the program.

New this year, consulting partners globally (including AMER) will be eligible to earn a one-time 20% referral fee on Salesforce Essentials, our small business offering. To learn more, visit

Learn more about referral benefit rates >

Receive your partner referral benefit in five steps:

  • 1. Partner submits referral lead via the Business Console in the Partner Community
  • 2. Submission is processed within 45 days from the qualified purchase closed date
  • 3. Purchase Order is issued via email to partner
  • 4. Partner creates invoice and submits to Salesforce
  • 5. Salesforce finalizes payment within 10 days of receiving invoice