Partner Ohana Hub 

Many years ago, Marc Benioff had a vision of a company with a purpose beyond profit ... a company built around the spirit of Ohana. In Hawaiian culture, Ohana represents the idea that families – blood-related, adopted, or intentional – are bound together, and that family members are responsible for one another. Today, the #SalesforceOhana is our close-knit ecosystem of employees, customers, partners, and communities. We take care of each other, have fun together, and work collaboratively to make the world a better place.

What You Can Do

  1. Take the Salesforce Ohana Culture Trailhead Module to understand how Salesforce lives our Ohana values every day. Then, use this information to take the time to understand your organization’s culture and values, and explore ways to bring them to life. 
  2. Learn about Ohana Groups at Salesforce
  3. Join the conversation in the Partner Ohana Hub Group
  4. Download our equality business report: The Impact of Equality and Values Driven Business.
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