Implementation Projects and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Salesforce Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) measures a customer’s satisfaction rating with the service received during a Salesforce partner's project implementation and help partners' build their reputation in our ecosystem. By entering your implementation projects through the Business Console in the Partner Community, we can provide the support you need to be successful. Once you register a complete project, our system kicks off the CSAT survey process. We will send out a standard survey to assess how you’re doing with your customers. CSAT plays a big role in your PVS, so make maintaining a high score one of your top priorities. 

As a Salesforce Consulting partner, your tier is based on a Partnership Value Score (PVS). Every partner receives a PVS based on their total contribution to the primary program goals, or ‘Categories’: Annual Contract Value (ACV), Expertise, and Customer Success. Partners are ​evaluated across a range of ‘Core Attributes’ associated with the Categories, including total ACV, ACV growth, Salesforce certifications, Fullforce Solutions and Salesforce Masters, Expanded Knowledge, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and customer success stories.​ 

Please review the CSAT Process slides (see "Media"), the What You Need to Know to understand how CSAT surveys are distributed to your customers, Resources and an FAQ