Consulting Partner Program Overview

Explore this page to learn about all of the components that make up the Consulting Partner Program. For the full set of program details, please read the FY22 Consulting Partner Program Policy Document and review our benefits page.

Lead Pillar and Program Overview

Partner Tiers

/s/pointthreshold.png?v=1 Program Tiers
Base: 0 to 249 points
Ridge: 250 to 499 points
Crest: 500 to 749 points
Summit: 750 to 1000 points

Please note that the tier you are assigned at the beginning of the year (effective March 1) is yours to keep for the duration of the year, unless you are promoted to a higher tier during any of the subsequent quarterly evaluations. For more information please see the program policies.

Consulting Partner Trailblazer Score
All Consulting partner tiers are based on their Consulting Partner Trailblazer Score. The Consulting Partner Trailblazer Score measures a partner’s contribution against Salesforce-set targets across four main categories: Customer Success, Innovation, Growth (formerly called Engagement), and Lead. All Consulting Partner Trailblazer Score points total up to a maximum of 1000 points. A partner is tiered in a region if they have ACV (sourced or joint sales) in a region or Certified individuals. Your tier is based off the highest tier you earn in any region. 

Program Qualifying Credentials
To be registered in the program, a partner requires a minimum of two credentials from the list below. This could be one individual (holding 2 or more credentials), or two individuals (holding at least one credential each). The credentials partners can earn which count towards this requirement are listed in the table below:

FY22 Consulting Program Qualifying Credentials
Technical Architect Tableau CRM & Einstein Discovery Consultant
System Architect Education Cloud Consultant
B2C Solution Architect CPQ Specialist
B2C Commerce Architect Service Cloud Consultant
Application Architect Sales Cloud Consultant
Platform Developer II JavaScript Developer I
Pardot Consultant Experience Cloud Consultant
Nonprofit Cloud Consultant B2C Commerce Developer*
Marketing Cloud Developer B2B Commerce Developer*
Marketing Cloud Consultant B2B Administrator*
Heroku Architecture Designer Platform Developer I
Field Service Consultant Datorama Associate

*B2B Commerce Developer and B2B Administrator are discontinued in FY22, but any points previously earned with these certifications will apply towards FY22 partner Trailblazer scores.

Program Fees

For FY22, as a one-time economic adjustment from Covid, fees are temporarily reduced for each partner tier:
Base: $500
Ridge: $1,000
Crest: $3,000
Summit: $3,000

Program Scorecard


The table below highlights all of the program elements, maximum points per attribute and requirements for full points in each category. For detailed information on each attribute, please scroll down to each description.


For regional metrics, you receive one score per sub region that has ACV or certified individuals. For global metrics you receive one score that is counted across all sub regions. The PY22 sub regions are US, UK + Ireland, France, Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Japan + Korea, Mature, and Growth. Mature regions are Australia, Brazil, Canada, Benelux, Iberia, Italy, Israel, and Nordics. All other countries including Mexico, GCR, ASEAN, are considered Growth regions.

Category: Customer Success (275 points)

/s/CSfinal.png?v=1 Navigator (225 points)
This attribute recognizes our partners for their designations in Navigator. Partners earn specializations for demonstrated product, industry, and service expertise by submitting the required number of projects, maintaining a CSAT average, and by certifying individuals at their firm. To learn more about Salesforce Navigator please visit

CSAT (50 points)
Through the registration and closure of at least one or more projects in our Partner Community within the current fiscal year customers complete a survey that generates a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score for the relevant Partner. The CSAT survey is triggered once a project is marked as “complete”. For more details, visit

Category: Innovation (275 points)

Since many certification maintenance exams are now done in Trailhead, please ensure that your Trailhead account is linked correctly. To see the instructions on how to link your Trailhead account, see the “What You Need to Know” tab or visit

Credentials (200 points)
For FY22, credentials are grouped in 4 levels based on need and technicality. See additional details on levels and points per level in the FY22 Credentials Guide.

Practice Growth (75 points)
This is based on the number of individuals holding an active Practice Growth credential on the last day of the previous fiscal year compared against the number of individuals holding an active Practice Growth credential at the end of this fiscal year. See the FY22 Credentials Guide for the exact list. A partner must have been enrolled in the program the previous year, (by January 31, 2021) in order to qualify for these points in FY22.

Category: Growth (275 points)

ACV (Annual Contract Value) is attributed to the region in which the end customer purchases for their licenses.
Co-Sell ACV is the sum of Sourced ACV, Joint Sales ACV, and Internal Use Licenses (IUL).

/s/Growthfinal.png?v=1 Sourced
A sourced opportunity is when a Partner introduces a prospect new to Salesforce, or a new product opportunity in an existing customer. To be eligible for sourced credit, partners are required to submit a referral lead in the Partner Community that converts into a new business opportunity. To be considered a sourced referral the referral lead must be submitted within 30 days of a new business opportunity creation date, and before the opportunity close date.

Joint Sales Credit is recognized when a Partner demonstrates meaningful selling engagement activity supporting the Salesforce Account Executive (AE) in the sales cycle or brings add-on subscriptions for existing customers. Partner is either brought in by an AE or has existing relationships within the customer. Meaningful selling engagement means the Partner owns 50% of the sales engagement and is involved in delivering pre-sales activities that influence the deal to close. Being selected as the Implementation Services Partner does not constitute as meaningful sales engagement Joint Sales.
If you are not attributed to an opportunity for joint or sourced credit, please log a support case here.

Category: Lead (175 points)

The Lead initiative helps us understand the impact our partners are making and grow that impact together. Fill out the Lead Pillar Partner survey to report back on your activities. Because survey responses are evaluated quarterly, expect to see results updated in partner community on a quarterly basis. See full details on the definition of diversity, definition of leadership, definition of good standing with Talent Alliance, and more on the Social Impact page.
Looking for a quick-start guide? For inspiration and examples on how to make an impact on your lead journey, check out the new Lead Pillar Partner Trail Guide. This guide is not exhaustive, but rather a quick-start framework to help you take action on the important topics of equality, diversity, and sustainable development.

/s/Leadfinal.png?v=1 Equality (125 points)
The equality category encourages and supports how our partners incorporate diversity and inclusion practices into their organizations. A Commitment to Diversity means completing 3 or more of the 10 qualifying activities. Partners will earn an additional 25 points when they are in good standing with the Talent Alliance.

Sustainable Development (50 points)
We incorporated the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as the framework for how our partners are leading change across their communities.
Partners earn 50 points by completing 2 of the 3 suggested activities inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals: volunteer time, monetary donation, or corporate policy.

Pledge 1% (25 bonus points)
Partners who participate in Pledge 1% can earn 25 bonus points towards their score (note that your total score cannot exceed 1000 points). There currently is a one month lead time to process Pledge 1% submissions. We recommend planning accordingly if your submission is targeted for Salesforce FY quarter-end program evaluation.