Partner Success Basics Webinar Series

The Partner Success Basics webinar series is hosted every Tuesday and is designed to support AppExchange (ISV) partners in acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to be successful. There are three webinar tracks that cover different topics:

- The ISV Business
- ISV Tools & Process
- The Salesforce Platform 

Each track covers best practices and shares concrete steps that support business growth. Webinars will run regularly on a rotating basis, excluding national holidays. These webinars are perfect for new partners, new employees at existing partners, or anyone looking for additional insights on how to align and engage with Salesforce. 

View the master webinar schedule here >

Please see below to register for each track in the webinar series or watch on demand.

ISV BUSINESS: Tuesdays at 10:00 AM Pacific and 10:00 GMT 

Selling with Salesforce: Understand how our sales organization is structured and land your message with internal Salesforce teams.
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Marketing with Salesforce: Master the Salesforce Marketing strategy and maximize AppExchange co-marketing opportunities.
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Building a Perfect AppExchange Listing: From copy to design, learn all the best practices to optimize your listing
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Nailing the Demo: Establish a solid Demo Pre-Work strategy and learn how to deliver demos that make an impact.
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ISV TOOLS & PROCESS: Every other Tuesday at 8:30 AM Pacific and 9:00 AM GMT 

Take a deep dive into all the tools you need to run your business with AppExchange. From learning how to set up your listing, to managing orders and licenses, you'll be a pro in no time. Topics include: The partner lifecycle, Environment Hub, Channel Order App and more.
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THE SALESFORCE PLATFORM: Every other Tuesday at 8:30 AM Pacific and 9:00 AM GMT

Understand Salesforce infrastructure, how to visualize customer data, and how to implement our key technologies. Topics include: Lightning Flows, Einstein, Salesforce Shield, and more.
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