Education · AppExchange Trailblazer Checklist

If you're looking for the quickest path to AppExchange, you're in the right place. The AppExchange Trailblazer Checklist divides your partner journey into 10 steps, starting with guided learning on Trailhead and ending with a published AppExchange listing.

To get started, browse the checklist to find the step that matches where you are in the journey. Then, head to the corresponding Education page. There, you'll find guidance, tips, and a list of resources to get you on your way. If you run into questions, reach out in ISV onboarding — we're happy to help.

AppExchange Trailblazer Checklist


Become a Trailblazer

Trailhead is the fun way to learn Salesforce. Start blazing your trail with badges for AppExchange Partners.


Review Program Resources

Get to know the AppExchange Partner Program, including policies, benefits, and FAQs.


Connect with Our Team

Meet members of the AppExchange Partner team who can help when you have questions or need advice.


Explore Partner Technology

Learn about apps and tools to help you build your product and run your business.


Build Your Product

Apply best practices for architecture, design, and development as you create a solution on our platform.


Define Your Business Strategy

Identify a target market and document your business plan.


Submit for Business Approval

After you submit, we'll schedule a meeting to review your business plan and product architecture.


Sign Your Partnership Agreement

Review and sign a partnership agreement with Salesforce.


Submit for Security Review

Customer trust is our highest priority, so we'll review your product and make sure it meets our security standards.


Sell on AppExchange

Publish your listing, build a customer base, and start collecting payments.