Case Packs for Partners

/s/Case_Packs.jpg?v=1As a member of the Salesforce Partner Program, your organization is entitled to a Technical Support Case Pack. Depending on your partner type (AppExchange, Consulting), the number of cases in your Technical Support Case Pack may be different. See the table below to understand how many cases you qualify for: 

AppExchange Partners (ISV)*

 Benefit  Base  Ridge Crest  Summit
Technical Support Case Pack

10 20 N/A

Consulting Partners 

 Benefit  Registered  Silver  Gold  Platinum Global Strategic
Technical Support Case Pack (number of cases in your pack)

5 10 15 20

The following is included in a Technical Support Case Pack:

  • Faster initial response by case severity level: 
    • Critical (Severity 1): 1 hour 
    • Urgent: 2 hours 
    • High: 4 hours 
    • Medium 4: 8 hours 
  • Severity definitions available when logging a case 
  • Developer Support 
  • 24x7 toll-free phone support available for Critical issue (Severity 1)
  • Global hand-off for critical & urgent issues 
  • Online access to documentation, knowledge base articles, Known issues site and other technical resources
Premier Support is here to assist you with partner-specific questions that will enable you to better manage your customer implementations and/or commercial solutions. 

Q: Where should I submit cases to count towards my case pack? 
A: Submit your case here. Cases logged under the Help & Training tab for a developer or customer org will not be included as part of your case pack. 

Q: Are issues identified as a bug counted towards my case pack limit? 
A: No, issues validated and identified as a bug are not counted towards your case pack limit. 

Q: What happens when I have reached the limit on the number of cases available to my organization? 
A: Upon reaching your limit, the next case you submit will automatically be downgraded to Partner Standard case routing and the auto-response email will state partner basic support. 

Q: Where can I learn more about partner basic support?
Learn more at

Q: What if I use all of my cases before the end of my Consulting Partner Program contract, can I purchase an additional case pack? 
A: Unfortunately, you won't be able to purchase an additional case pack.

Q: What if I'm an AppExchange (ISV) Partner? Do I have access to case packs?
A: AppExchange (ISV) Partners receive the technical case pack benefit. The total number of cases depends on the AppExchange Partner's benefit tier. 

Q: Can AppExchange (ISV) Partners purchase additional case packs?
A: No, there is no option to purchase additional case packs.

Q: How do I know how many case packs I have?
Submit this case to inquire. 

Q: Is the number of case packs we receive relative to our tier in the Partner Program?
Yes. As an AppExchange Partner, see As a Consulting Partner, see

Q: As an AppExchange Partner (ISV) or Consulting Partner, what happens if I don't use my case packs for the annual program year (March 1)? 
We recommend using your case packs during the annual program year. If you don't use them, the number of case packs will reset at the beginning of the program year (March 1).

Q: If I submit a case with multiple questions, does that count as one case? 
A: No, if you submit a case with multiple questions our support agents will create a case for each question. These cases will count towards your case pack limit.