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Trailhead for Partners is your guide to growing your Salesforce business with talent and Salesforce expertise. Comprised of two pillars, Talent Programs and Partner Learning Camp, Trailhead for Partners has the resources you need to find and nurture talent as well as supercharge your growth.

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Add Talent and Boost Salesforce Expertise

Talent Programs is shaping the future by connecting partners with Trailblazer talent. This guide will help you find and nurture Salesforce talent through reskilling programs, new pipelines, and training best practices. It includes tools to empower your current workforce to build on existing skills, deepen relationships in the university space, and engage organizations focused on training Salesforce talent.
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Partner Learning Camp powered by myTrailhead is your insider's guide to build, sell and implement Salesforce products better and faster than ever before. This curriculum has previously only been available to Salesforce employees—until now. With expert training straight from the source, quickly grow your Salesforce expertise, and increase time to value for your customers.
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