Sales Training for Partners

Fast Forward, Cloud Journeys, and more

Ever wonder how Salesforce does it? Partner Fast Forward boot camps are designed to strengthen sales and pre-sales skills on the following topics:

Selling like Salesforce - Covers how to apply rigor and operational cadence in running deals; How to leverage the talents of the full selling team;  Teaches key aspects of creating optimal deal for our customers; Introduces partners to the Salesforce Culture; Teaches core concepts on how to build value and urgency through positioning key differentiation of Salesforce technologies; Provides strong solution knowledge.

Topics include: Salesforce Culture, Salesforce Advantage, Product Expertise, Product Demonstration, and Competitive Intelligence.

Selling with Salesforce - Teaches how to work with your Salesforce team to deliver a unique transformative experience with unparalleled business value built from trust, deep business & industry expertise and compelling delivery.

Topics include Discovery, Storytelling, Industry Expertise, Business Case Development, Salesforce Selling Motion, Team Selling, Pricing & Deal Structure, Cloud Deal Negotiation, Objection Handling, Leveraging Partnership, Portfolio Strategy, Data Driven Selling, Account Planning, and Pipeline Generation.

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Fast Forward Partner Boot Camp (Live In-Person Events)

Upcoming Schedule 
Dates are subject to change. Check this page for updates and speak to your Partner Manager if you want to join us at a specific location.

  • London - June 25
  • Toronto Sales Bootcamp - June 25 
  • Toronto Advanced Sales Workshop - June 26 
  • Toronto Delivery - June 27
  • Berlin - September 17 
  • Berlin - September 18 
  • Berlin - September 19
  • Madrid - October 1 
  • Lisbon - October 2 
  • Amsterdam - October 16 
  • Brussels - October 17 
  • Milan - October 22
  • Munich - November 5 
  • Munich - November 6 
  • Munich - November 7 
  • Istanbul - November 12
  • Paris - December 3 
  • Copenhagen - December 3 
  • Paris - December 4 
  • Copenhagen - December 4 
  • London - December 10


Want to Connect with the Partner Development Team?  Email us at:


If you are planning on attending one of our Trainings, check the pre-work below to see what you will need to complete prior to the training. If you do not complete the pre-work you will be at risk of being turned away at the event.

REQUIRED FOR ALL ATTENDEES:We want you to maximize your Training Experience! All attendees need to join the Partner Community before the training. The first Trailhead module below explains how! You should also link your Trailhead Badges to your Partner Community Profile. Not sure how? Click here, and click the tab "What You Need to Know" and follow the easy steps.

Pre-work: Sales Bootcamp

  1. Salesforce Advantage Whiteboarding Video(this video requires a password: sfadvantage18)
  2. Executive Prospecting 
  3. Customer Centric Discovery 
  4. Objection Handling
  5. How to Sell Marketing Cloud
  6. Salesforce Editions

Pre-Work: Advanced Selling Workshop

Complete this Trailhead module (approx. 35 min):
Watch this video (approx. 12 min):
Review This SOW Case Study (approx. 15 mins):
 Be prepared to share a brief Deal Review of a deal you closed: 
  • Tell us about your deal (no customer names required) 
  • Take a few minutes to complete the Deal Review slide template and have it ready to show at the training.

Cloud Journey Role Based Training (Live Virtual Events)

*Note: All of these virtual sessions will be recorded and available on this page

Watch our Introductory video to learn more about our Cloud Journey Series and how Partners can benefit from these training's:   Welcome to 'Cloud Journey' and an Introduction to the Enablement Team

Pre Sales & Sales

Post Sales

Success Services

Upcoming Schedule:

New Series Topics Coming Soon!
  • Technical Governance and Coding Standards- Tuesday, July 11
  • Project Specific Partner Practices- Tuesday Aug 15th
  • Center of Excellence- Tuesday Sep 12th
New Series Topics Coming Soon!


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          Role-based Learning Journeys (On Demand Training)

          These learning paths, designed for Consulting Partners and Resellers are free and customized for your role. See all roles here.

          Salesforce Sales Professional Accreditation

          Have you ever wished Salesforce would provide you with a sales accreditation designed to let internal AEs and SEs know the level of training you have on Salesforce solutions? 

          The Partner Enablement team has launched the Salesforce Accredited Sales Professional credential. This is a great opportunity for Partner Sales Execs to prove their skills and knowledge at Selling Like Salesforce, while being one of the first in the partner community to earn this accreditation. 

          Attending a Fast Forward Event and delivering (as a group) the Salesforce Advantage via whiteboarding is the first requirement for this Accreditation.The second part of the Sales Professional Accreditation is a 30 question multiple choice exam- which is Free with a Voucher Code! 

          The exam takes about 45 minutes or less, and you can take it anywhere within 30 days of receiving the code.The exam contains questions based off content delivered at the Fast Forward Bootcamp- including: Salesforce Ohana, Salesforce Advantage, Product Positioning, Discovery, Objection Handling and Storytelling. 

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Who is the intended audience?
          Recommended attendees include account executives, business analysts, business development professionals, pre-sales consultants, and solution engineers.

          Is there a list of upcoming training sessions?

          Available sessions are listed above and on the Partner Community Calendar. 

          What happens after I register for a session?
          You will receive an email with additional information about the session.

          Do I have to be a Certified Consultant to attend?
          Having professional Salesforce certifications are not required to attend a session. 

          How much does the training cost?
          If you are an active member of the Salesforce Partner Program, there is no charge for any of this training, including the live, in-person events.  However, for the live, in-person events space is limited - be sure to register as soon as the registration becomes available.  Follow the Official: Partner Community Group for notifications on upcoming events. 

          I don't see a live in-person event near where I live, what should I do?
          The Partner Enablement Team is holding events all over the world so continue to check the schedule (above) for new dates/times/locations.  In the meantime, we also have virtual sessions (live webinars) that you can attend (or watch the replays).  You should also review the 8 session replays from Dreamforce '16 and the Role-based Learning Journeys (above).  These recordings and materials cover a lot of the same ground as the live, in-person sessions.

          Is there a way to stay engaged with the Partner Enablement Team?

          Yes, see the Collaboration Groups (above) and join the group that most closely fits your role.  For example, if you are a Sales Engineer, join the 'Pre-Sales and Sales Group.'  These groups are designed for you to ask questions, stay updated on news & events in your area of expertise, and collaborate with other partners in similar roles.