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This learning path is meant for any Salesforce Consulting Partner (SI) that wants to specialize in nonprofit engagements through Salesforce.org. The path offers materials for all levels of your organization, from executives and practice leads, to the consultants responsible for helping bring our nonprofit customers to success with Salesforce.org. 

What You Need to Know

The Power of Us Hub is the primary communication channel for Salesforce.org Partners.

The Nonprofit Community

  • Salesforce.org nonprofits, or NGOs, are a vibrant, mission-driven international community of organizations dedicated to improving the world.
  • Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP): Salesforce.org nonprofits are an incredibly vibrant and important part of how the NPSP is developed and implemented. Consulting Partners are critical in each nonprofit’s journey to success with the NPSP, serving as thought leaders, domain experts, and trusted advisors. Our partners learn and experience nonprofit consulting best in tandem with our customers, and the NPSP represents the union of this collaboration. Our products are open source, community-driven, and highly collaborative. We look forward to your participation!

K12 Success with NPSP

  • K12 schools and districts are succeeding with Salesforce for fundraising and student management. The NPSP is the foundation of our K12 platform, and understanding it will position your consulting staff and business to thrive with our K12 community.

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