Role: Partner Community Administrator

Role-based Learning Path featuring Trailhead

The Partner Community is your one-stop shop for partner education, enablement, and engagement. A Partner Community Administrator is anyone at your company who has (1) access to the Partner Community and (2) the Manage Users permission. Start your journey by completing the steps below.

What You Need to Know

  • The first person to join the Partner Community is designated as an Admin
  • Enable other admins with the Manage Users permission 
  • Admins control all Partner Community access & permissions for their company
  • Admins can invite other Users into the Partner Community with a business email address

Featured Trailhead Modules

Beginner /s/rsz_1untitled2.png?v=1

/s/checkbox.png?v=3  To get started, review the Partner Community User Training (and direct new users to this training), which includes action items like:
/s/checkbox.png?v=3  Become an Admin by joining the Partner Community (first user from your company) or request the Manage Users permission from another Admin

/s/checkbox.png?v=3  Review the Partner Community Admin Training

/s/checkbox.png?v=3  Extend the necessary permissions to Users as needed 
  • Invite other Users via automated email to connect them to your company’s Account 
  • Be sure your Corporate Executives have access & company-wide visibility to records 
  • Designate a User to manage the AppExchange Listing with the Publishing permissions
/s/checkbox.png?v=3  Update your Profile with your company name and title         

/s/checkbox.png?v=3  Display your Trailhead Badges and Salesforce Certifications on your profile

/s/checkbox.png?v=3  Direct colleagues to display their Trailhead Badges and Salesforce Certifications on their profiles

/s/checkbox.png?v=3  Understand the full partner lifecycle (with stages) for your company: 
/s/checkbox.png?v=3  Know where to locate program information (summaries, guides, groups, videos)

/s/checkbox.png?v=3  Quickly locate any topic of interest (A-Z) on the Partner Community

Intermediate /s/rsz_1untitled2.png?v=1/s/rsz_1untitled2.png?v=1

/s/checkbox.png?v=3  Take the Salesforce Advantage Trail
      Learn about the key differentiators that drive Salesforce success

     Understand the the values that make our vision of Ohana a reality, and start bringing your own company values to life

       Dive into Salesforce and learn everything you need to get started in Salesforce as a Business User

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