Role: Success Services (Consulting/Reseller)

This learning path is for Consulting Partner or Reseller customer success managers, account managers, project managers, implementation experts, renewal managers and related roles to learn about Salesforce products, customer success, and building custom solutions for prospects and customers.  Complete your learning journey by working through the steps below.

What You Need to Know
  • Complete the Learning Path for Pre-Sales (Consulting/Reseller)
  • Pre-requisite for completion of this Success Services Learning Path
  • The Partner Community is your one-stop shop for education, enablement, and engagement (Sign Up)
  • Resellers should have a thorough understanding of Salesforce Products
  • Understand the values that make our vision of Ohana a reality
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Featured Trailhead Modules & Units

Start with Why (TED Talk)
Watch an inspiring Ted Talk video from Simon Sinek, on how to find the compelling needs and ‘Start with Why’ questions first

Hear effective ways to present using storytelling techniques

Cloud Evangelist
Understand how Cloud Computing is the fastest path to success, and why Salesforce is fast, innovative, open, easy, but above all a trusted platform

Cloud Services
Explore different services offered by Salesforce to enable customers to achieve maximum benefit from the platform faster

Customer Success Stories
Become familiar with the customers and industries where Salesforce has had a huge impact
If you are not familiar with Salesforce tools we also recommend you complete: 
TRAILHEAD: Learn CRM Essentials - Understand Salesforce and learn how to navigate, customize, and manage basic CRM features
TRAILHEAD: Salesforce Fundamentals for Business Administration- Dive into Salesforce and learn everything you need to get started in Salesforce as a Business User

Learn about the Salesforce Partner Program for Consulting Partners:
Intermediate /s/rsz_1untitled2.png?v=1/s/rsz_1untitled2.png?v=1

Featured Trailhead Modules

Premier Success Plans
See an overview of the different support plans offered to customers

Role of a Customer Success Manager
Learn the role of a Success Manager, and why this is critical to the success of our customers

Adoption Best Practices
Review the fundamental areas that may impact user adoption of Salesforce, and how you should engage with customers for high-impact

Managing Customer Escalations
Learn some best practices around managing customer escalations, and how to act in time to move this situation from a challenge to a success

Fight for Your Customers: How Salesforce Uses Salesforce to Fight Attrition
Watch this video from a Salesforce escalation manager, discussing how we use our own products to address and resolve issues

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Featured Trailhead Modules

Prepare for Salesforce Releases - Learn the latest Salesforce release features and craft your release strategy
Introduction to Release Management
Releases for Partners (Partner Community)

Check out this video from our Architects discussing how large enterprises manage Sandbox environments, some key considerations in picking sandbox types and migration tools to lay out a process to manage effective Release Management

Salesforce Optimiser
Great tool for customers to analyze own implementation to determine ways simplify customizations and drive adoption of features

Learn about short engagements designed to tackle specific issues, deliver key outcomes, and get you where you’re going, fast

Premier Apps
Designed for Premier and Signature customers, these apps help you adopt key features, streamline support cases, maximize productivity, and get the most out of Salesforce

Chatter Tips & Best Practices
Share tips & best practices with your customers on how they can effectively use Chatter in their organization

Difficult Conversations & Delivering Bad News
Understand how to manage difficult customer escalations

License Deployment Guidance
Advise and guide the adoption of licenses to ensure your customer is benefiting from full deployment of their subscriptions.

Other Recommendations

:: For Resellers, join the Partner Enablement: Success Services Group on the Partner Community to collaborate with our Reseller Team
:: Stay current by following the Official: Partner Community Group
:: Attend live Office Hours