Role: Post-Sales (Consulting/Reseller)

This learning path is for Consulting Partners or Reseller business analysts, project managers, implementation experts, systems integrators, technical staff, and related roles to learn about Salesforce products, customer success, and building custom solutions for prospects and customers. Complete your learning journey by working through the steps below.

What You Need to Know
Featured Trailhead Modules

Beginner /s/rsz_1untitled2.png?v=1

TRAILHEAD: Navigate the Salesforce Advantage
Learn about the key differentiators that drive our success

Understand the the values that make our vision of Ohana a reality, and start bringing your own company values to life

TRAILHEAD: Salesforce Partner Community
Learn how to partner with Salesforce and connect with the Salesforce Partner Community

Create persuasive content, build your audience, and present like a pro

Explore tactics for building trust and strategies to influence a desired outcome

Join the Reseller: Post-Sales Group - collaborate with the Salesforce team and other partners

TRAILHEAD: Salesforce Cloud Benefits - Understand the flexibility of a "complete" CRM that evolves with your business needs
TRAILHEAD: Salesforce Technology Basics - Get a peek under the hood of our core technology model based on trust and innovation
TRAILHEAD: Salesforce Fundamentals for Business Administration - Dive into Salesforce and learn everything you need to get started in Salesforce as a Business User
TRAILHEAD: Salesforce Platform Basics - Get introduced to the platform, navigate use cases, and build your first app

Salesforce Jumpstart: Getting Started as a Consulting Partner
On-boarding program for all consulting partners

TRAILHEAD: Consulting Partner Basics
Plan, build, and manage your business as a consulting partner

Partner Community User Training
Learn how to maximize your success with the Partner Community
Note: If you are also a Partner Community Administrator, take this training

Become a Salesforce Certified Administrator

For Consulting Partners:
:: Review the Partner Community for Consulting Partners lifecycle, including all related links and resources (five phases)
:: Understand the Salesforce Consulting Program and SI Benefits that may apply to you

Intermediate /s/rsz_1untitled2.png?v=1/s/rsz_1untitled2.png?v=1

Complete Salesforce Admin and Developer Training: 
:: TRAILHEAD: Admin Intermediate
:: TRAILHEAD: Developer Intermediate

Getting Started with Sales Cloud:
:: Watch and share the Sales Cloud Overview Demos
:: Review all Sales Cloud enablement resources (First Call Deck, Tip Sheets, Pricing, Product Demos, Free Trials, Customer Stories)
:: Join the Sales Cloud Experts Group (login required)
:: Salesforce CRM Getting Started Workbook
:: Sales Cloud Implementation Guide
:: Become a Certified Sales Cloud Consultant
:: Review the  Certification Learning Paths for your role 

Getting Started with Service Cloud:
:: Watch and share the Service Cloud Overview Demos
:: Review all Service Cloud enablement resources (First Call Deck, Tip Sheets, Pricing, Product Demos, Free Trials, Customer Stories)
:: Join the Service Cloud Experts Group (login required)
:: Salesforce Console Implementation Guide
:: Become a Certified Service Cloud Consultant
:: Review the Certification Learning Paths for your role 

Getting Started with Marketing Cloud:
:: Watch and share the Marketing Cloud Overview Demos
:: Review all Marketing Cloud enablement resources (First Call Deck, Tip Sheets, Pricing, Product Demos, Free Trials, Customer Stories)
:: Join the Marketing Cloud Partners Group (login required)
:: Salesforce Campaign Management Implementation Guide
:: Become a Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant
:: Review the Certification Learning Paths for your role
:: CERTIFICATION: Use this guideto prepare for the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification exam

Learn about Salesforce Integration Capabilities: 
:: Platform Integration Essentials
:: TRAILHEAD: Microsoft Integration Basics
:: TRAILHEAD: Salesforce Connect

Review the enablement resources for all Salesforce Products (Salesforce Platform, Community Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Pardot, etc.)

Getting Started Implementation Guide
 Receive guidance around how to implement Salesforce

Salesforce CRM Getting Started Workbook
A collection of worksheets that will support your planning process, document your decisions, and speed up implementation of Salesforce

See all Tip Sheets & Implementation Guides

Understand how to create development, test, and demo environments:
:: set up Environment Hub to provision your partner developer edition orgs for building and testing
:: use Partner Developer Edition orgs rather than regular Developer Edition orgs (review this comparison chart)
:: learn how to obtain demo environments for specific Salesforce products (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, etc.)

 Understand Salesforce Security
:: TRAILHEAD: Protect Your Salesforce Data
Learn how you and your users can work together to keep your data safe
:: TRAILHEAD:Secure Your Apps with Salesforce Shield
Learn how to establish governance and force compliance policies in your org with this powerful set of services

Get to Know Lightning
:: TRAILHEAD: Lightning Experience Basics
Explore our new user experience and how to enable it for your organization
:: TRAILHEAD: Migrate to Lightning Experience
Increase the productivity of a sales team by migrating to the new Lightning Experience

Salesforce Technical Library
Tools and resources to help you be successful implementing Salesforce technologies

Understand Salesforce Development Fundamentals
:: TRAILHEAD: Develop for Lightning Experience
Build apps fast for Lightning Experience with Visualforce, components, and new design resources
Use Visualforce to build custom user interfaces for mobile and web apps
Use Apex to add business logic and manipulate your Force.com data
Learn best practices to team app development & lifecycle management
Get familiar with mobile app development on the Salesforce Platform
:: Read about the technology that makes the Force.com Platform fast, scalable, and secure for any type of application

Work with the Alliances Go-To-Market Contact (login required) for your region

Access the Partner Business Console (login required) to submit, manage, and track all of your leads, opportunities, and projects

Leverage industry-specific enablement resources as needed

Master the process of developing and deploying applications with Salesforce

Checklist for evaluating Statements of Work (SOW)

Scoping Questionnaire
Capture your customer's high-level business overview and intended usage of Salesforce

Featured Recorded Webinars
Cloud Journey Role-Based Training (Recording and Content from featured Live Virtual Events)

Advanced /s/rsz_1untitled2.png?v=1/s/rsz_1untitled2.png?v=1/s/rsz_1untitled2.png?v=1

TRAILHEAD: Prepare for Salesforce Releases
Learn the latest Salesforce release features and craft your release strategy
Note: See the Releases for Partners page for links to all resources during a release cycle

Pilots for Partners (Partner Community login required)
Try out the products and features of tomorrow

TRAILHEAD: Admin Advanced
Reach all star admin status by tackling more advanced Salesforce features
TRAILHEAD: Developer Advanced
Unlock the power of the platform and develop enterprise-class skills to advance your developer career.

Other Recommendations
::  Force.com Platform Fundamentals - get an introduction to the Force.com platform
::  Salesforce Security Guide - understand the Salesforce security features that enable you to empower your users to do their jobs safely and efficiently
::  TRAILHEAD: Process Automation - save time across your org by using our point-and-click tools to automate repetitive business processes
::  Stay current by following the  Official: Partner Community Group
::  Attend live  Office Hours