Partner Support

Partner success is a top priority at Salesforce. With Partner Success Plans, we help grow your business by accelerating customer deployment, increasing user adoption and productivity, and maximizing customer ROI.

Every Salesforce partner automatically gets a Partner Standard Success Plan for online support and training. The plan provides:

:: Online assistance through knowledge articles and community resources

:: Online case submission

:: Standard 2 business-day response

:: Unlimited access to 100+ online training catalog

Partners with Standard support should not log a case, but rather submit their questions in the Developer Discussion Forums.

Learn more about the Developer Discussion Forums for partners with Standard support.

For partners that require faster response, 24x7 support coverage, technical support, and a comprehensive training solution, enroll in the Partner Success Plan that’s right for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What's the difference between Premier Success (PS) and Partner Premier Success (PPS)?
Premier Success is for Salesforce customers. PS helps customers manage every step of their Salesforce adoption with expert support, help and offerings designed to accelerate business adoption. 

Partner Premier Success is for Salesforce partners. PPS gives partners direct access to expert technical resources allowing you to go to market faster.

In cases where a partner is both a customer and a partner, it is possible for partners to have both a Customer Premier Success Plan sold as it relates to their issues with use of products as a customer, and Partner Premier Success as it relates to the support of joint customers who are using their partner products / services.

Q: How do I know what Success Plan I have?
If you are assigned a Partner Account Manager (PAM), please contact your PAM. If you do not have a PAM, please submit your question in a new case.

Q: What are "Case Packs"?
A: Technical support case packs provide a limited partner premier support experience provided as a benefit of the Salesforce Consulting Partner Program and AppExchange Partner Program. Each participating partner will have access to a case pack, and the number of cases allocated is determined by the partner’s Consulting Program tier at the start of the FY. 

More information about case packs is provided in the “Case Packs” topic.

Q: What is a Developer Support Case Pack?
Development support is a special offering for partners who do not yet have Partner Premier Success to have access to Salesforce Developer Support. Developer support is a one-time purchase for 20 cases in 12 month period. Any remaining cases upon expiration of the 12 month contract may not be transferred or credited. Additional developer support after exhaustion / expiration of DSCP requires an upgrade to Partner Premier Success (PPS).

Development support is offered in certain situations. Please submit a case for more information.

Q: How should I create support cases for issues I experience on a client's implementation?
Log in to the Partner Community to submit support cases for issues regarding a customer's Salesforce instance.

In certain situations, partners may need to log the case within a Salesforce customer's org. Some examples include:
  • Feature Activations where explicit permission is required from org owner before enablement
  • Customer has business / compliance requirements to have access to all cases related to their org(s)
  • Where partner is contractually obligated to route all issues for an implementation / post implementation support through customer org(s)
Q: How should I create support cases for issues I experience on my own Salesforce instance?
A: For all questions regarding your own Salesforce org, log a case from your Production org by selecting the “Help & Training” or “?” logo from the org. Please do not submit questions regarding your own Salesforce organization using the Support tab in the Partner Community.

Q: Where can I ask questions about my partnership with Salesforce? What about
If you are assigned a Partner Account Manager (PAM), please contact your PAM. If you do not have a PAM, please submit your question using the Partner Community Question & Answer Group (login required).