Dreamforce Partner Online Guide

The Partner Online Guide is your resource for all partner-facing sessions at Dreamforce. We've grouped all sessions by partner type (ISV Partners and Consulting Partners), included "Don't Miss" partner sessions, AppExchange (customer-facing), recommended Developer, Marketing, and Sales sessions. Now that Dreamforce '16 is over, this Online Guide is now a Replay Guide! We've also included a conference summary, an eBook that includes highlights from Marc Benioff's keynote, pictures and much more. Remember, don't forget to keep checking the guide! As more session replays, slides, and content becomes available, we'll update the guide at  http://p.force.com/DF16.


Q: Is the replay for the Partner Keynote available?
Yes! See the replay here

Q: I attended a few Partner Meetup sessions at Dreamforce, but I'm not seeing recordings listed above?
A: Partner Meetups were not recorded at Dreamforce. 

Q: What about Circles of Success for Partners sessions? Were those recorded?
The Circles of Success sessions were not recorded. 

Q: There are a few session replays & slides that aren't available. Where can I access those?
A: Some session replays and slides aren't available due to technical or proprietary issues.

Q: Are there any sessions around getting started as a Consulting (SI) partner?
Yes, attend the Salesforce Jumpstart sessions! This 6-part series covers how to get started as a partner, how to effectively leverage the Partner Community, best practices around lead submission and many more topics! You can find the full list in the "Consulting (SI) Partners" section above. Learn more about Salesforce Jumpstart at http://p.force.com/jumpstart.

Q: I'm not attending Dreamforce. Will sessions be recorded?
Sessions will be recorded. After Dreamforce, the Partner Online Guide will become a replay guide! As session replays become available after Dreamforce (this usually takes several weeks), we'll update the guide at  http://p.force.com/DF16.