Partner Navigator Program
The Salesforce Partner Navigator Program (formerly Masters & Specializations) enables consulting partners to differentiate their firm based on proven industry expertise, Salesforce product knowledge, and customer success. In order to participate, your firm must be registered with the Salesforce Consulting Partner Program and have a tier of Registered or above. The three levels of the Partner Navigator program include Certified Navigator, Specialist Navigator, and Master Navigator. Each level determines how your firm is featured both internally to Salesforce and externally on AppExchange.

Program Summary

DescriptionRequirements*Partner Benefits
Certified Navigator - (product only) (e.g. Marketing Cloud Certified Navigator)Partners awarded with a certification achievement and are on their way to earning their first specializationRegistered tier or above- Featured as Certified Navigator on AppExchange search and the AppExchange listing

- Appears in the third grouping of search results
 Minimum of 5 individual certifications by firm for related product- Featured as certified and ready to customers
Specialist Navigator (e.g. Sales Cloud Specialist Navigator)Partners that have earned at least one specialization within the relevant cloud or industryCertified Navigator status (product only)- Featured as 'Specialist Navigator' on AppExchange search and within the AppExchange listing (including individual specializations earned)

- Appears in the second grouping of search results
At least one specialization within the product or industry- Consulting Partner Trailblazer score points for each specialization earned (4)
Specializations are achieved based on a set number of projects, stories, and customer references*- Specialist Badge available for Heroku, Pardot, and B2B Commerce (CloudCraze)
Master Navigator (e.g. Media & Communications Master Navigator)Partners that have demonstrated experience and customer success across the entire product or industryCertified Navigator status (product only)Featured at the top of the AppExchange search page for relevant product/industry searches
- All required and designated number of optional specializations as per requirements*Consulting Partner Trailblazer score points for each Master earned (25)
ACV target metBadge awarded to display on AppExchange listing and marketing purposes
CSAT score 8.4 or aboveJoint press release published

Product & Industry Navigator Levels

Certified Navigator Specialist Navigator Master Navigator
 Sales Cloudxxx
 Service Cloudxxx
 Marketing Cloudxxx
 Commerce Cloudxxx
 Product Development Outsourcer (PDO)xxx
 Salesforce Platformxxx
 CPQ & Billingxx
B2B Commerce xx *Specialist Badge
 Herokuxx *Specialist Badge
 Pardotxx *Specialist Badge
 Field Service Lightningxxx
 Community Cloudxxx
 Einstein Analyticsxxx
 Industry Products (Financial Services Cloud, Health Cloud)x
 Lightning Platformxxx
 Nonprofit Cloudxxx
 Education Cloudxxx
 Healthcare & Life Sciencesxx
 Media & Communicationsxx
 Auto & Manufacturingxx
 Consumer Goods & Retailxx
 Financial Servicesxx
 Public Sectorxx
 Higher Educationxx
 Travel, Transportation & Hospitalityxx