Navigator Summary

Navigator distinctions are the primary go to market rating for consulting partners to market their Salesforce Practice. Consulting Partners will continue to be evaluated based on the Trailblazer Score metrics and placed in corresponding program levels. Each internal Consulting Program level - Base, Ridge, Crest, Summit, will come with incremental program benefits for partners. These new levels are internal-only to allow Salesforce to evaluate partners and distribute Consulting Program benefits. 

Your unique Navigator expertise is now the most impactful and relevant way for you to promote your Salesforce capabilities and expertise to prospects, customers, and Salesforce AEs.   


More accessible. Better metrics. Greater visibility into progress. An improved Partner experience. The FIRST EDITION of the online Navigator Tracker is now available, that enhances your ability to measure and manage your Navigator progress through IMPROVED:
  • Metrics: Partners’ achievements and Trailblazer points are broken out across categories, levels and distinctions showing what partners are currently on track to achieve and INCLUDES associated Trailblazer Points
  • Visibility: Drill down capability by Specialization that shows progress, requirements AND gaps to close to reach the next level distinction
  • Experience: Modern and graphical display that is easily accessed from their Trailblazer scorecard on the Partner Community and updated weekly

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FY22 Navigator

Navigator enables Consulting Partners to differentiate their firm based on customer-validated industry expertise, Salesforce product knowledge, and customer success. In order to participate, your firm must be enrolled and in good standing with the Salesforce Consulting Partner Program.

Navigator synthesizes three aspects of a partner’s product, industry, and service expertise into a measure of deployable expertise that is easy for customers and AEs to understand. Navigator enables consulting partners to differentiate in the market and allows them to showcase their expertise on AppExchange. 

To learn more, review the below resources and use the Navigator Chatter group for additional questions.

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