Partner Navigator Program
The Salesforce Partner Navigator Program (formerly Masters & Specializations) enables consulting partners to differentiate their firm based on proven industry expertise, Salesforce product knowledge, and customer success. In order to participate, your firm must be registered with the Salesforce Consulting Partner Program and have a tier of Registered or above. The three levels of the Partner Navigator program include Certified Navigator, Specialist Navigator, and Master Navigator. Each level determines how your firm is featured both internally to Salesforce and externally on AppExchange.

To ensure you are recognized for the great work you are doing, please continue to submit your customer projects and stories/references to earn your specializations.

Program Summary

DescriptionRequirements*Partner Benefits
Certified Navigator - (product only) (e.g. Marketing Cloud Certified Navigator)Partners awarded with a certification achievement and are on their way to earning their first specializationRegistered tier or above- Featured as Certified Navigator on AppExchange search and the AppExchange listing

- Appears in the third grouping of search results
 Minimum of 5 individual certifications by firm for related product- Featured as certified and ready to customers
Specialist Navigator (e.g. Sales Cloud Specialist Navigator)Partners that have earned at least one specialization within the relevant cloud or industryCertified Navigator status (product only)- Featured as 'Specialist Navigator' on AppExchange search and within the AppExchange listing (including individual specializations earned)

- Appears in the second grouping of search results
At least one specialization within the product or industry- PVS points for each specialization earned (4)
Specializations are achieved based on a set number of projects, stories, and customer references*- Specialist Badge available for Heroku, Pardot, and B2B Commerce (CloudCraze)
Master Navigator (e.g. Media & Communications Master Navigator)Partners that have demonstrated experience and customer success across the entire product or industryCertified Navigator status (product only)Featured at the top of the AppExchange search page for relevant product/industry searches
- All required and designated number of optional specializations as per requirements*PVS points for each Master earned (25)
ACV target metBadge awarded to display on AppExchange listing and marketing purposes
CSAT score 8.4 or aboveJoint press release published

Product & Industry Navigator Levels

SpecializationRequirementsBenefits to your Firm
 Sales Cloudxxx
 Service Cloudxxx
 Marketing Cloudxxx
 Commerce Cloudxxx
 Product Development Outsourcer (PDO)xxx
 Salesforce Platformxxx
 CPQxxx *Specialist Badge
B2B Commerce xxx *Specialist Badge
 Herokuxx *Specialist Badge
 Pardotxxx *Specialist Badge
 Field Service Lightningxxx
 Community Cloudxxx
 Einstein Analyticsxxx
 Industry Products (Financial Services Cloud, Health Cloud)x
 Lightning Platformxxx
 Nonprofit Cloudxxx
 Education Cloudxxx
 Healthcare & Life Sciencesxx
 Media & Communicationsxx
 Auto & Manufacturingxx
 Consumer Goods & Retailxx
 Financial Servicesxx
 Public Sectorxx
 Higher Educationxx
 Travel, Transportation & Hospitalityxx

What You Need to Know
  • The Navigator program is open to Consulting Partners that have a status of Registered or above and will go into effect on March 1st, 2019.
  • Until the end of the current program year, partners can continue to earn Masters & Specializations.
  • The existing Master badge will no longer be valid and we will issue a new dated badge each year.
  • Many of the existing specializations will map to the new Partner Navigator specializations.
  • For partners that currently hold a Master or Specialization, we will reach out individually during February 2019 and confirm how they are impacted by the new program based on your existing achievements.
  • Partners will only continue to earn PVS points until the end of the FY20 program year for Specializations that have been retired in FY20 if they have been maintained up until the the annual review.
  • Partners who have been recognized as a Master Navigator will be ranked higher in search results and provided with a digital file of the Salesforce Master Navigator logo (for each specific industry/product).
  • Certified Navigator status is only currently available for product - not industry.
  • Evaluations are held quarterly and are based on the previous 2 years of activity. Projects are reviewed based on project end date and stories by their submission date. 
  • Please submit all projects via the Business Console of the Partner Community.
  • Please submit stories and sales references by following the step-by-step instructions on
  • Notifications will be sent upon achieving Certified, Specialist, or Master Navigator status.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How does the Salesforce Partner Navigator program differ from Masters & Specializations?
A: We are making some changes to the existing Masters & Specializations initiative - including a name change. The principle is the same in that partners can achieve Specialist Navigator and Master Navigator based on projects submitted and stories that make you searchable. However, we are adding a new Certified Navigator level and will be updating some of the existing specializations.

Q: What happens to the Specializations we have on projects and stories that were already submitted?
A: Many of the existing Specializations will continue for FY20 and for any existing specializations that are being retired, we will map them to the new specializations (where applicable).

Q Is the Partner Navigator program based on an individual or firm basis? 
A: The Partner Navigator status is achieved on a firm basis. 

Q: Do we need to wait until the new program year to start achieving a new Navigator status? 
A: The new program goes into effect March 1st, 2019, but please continue to submit your projects and stories now, as they will be included when we conduct the first Partner Navigator review. Additionally, you can continue to earn Specializations and Masters for the remainder of the program year.

Q: How do we make sure our certifications are being included in the Certified Navigator evaluation? 
A: A: Please make sure your team has linked their webassessor accounts correctly. More information can be found at No additional requirements are needed.

Q: Will the Specializations and Masters we have already achieved count towards earning Navigator status? 
A: When we conduct the annual evaluation in February, if you have maintained your existing Masters and Specializations (or achieved new ones), then you will maintain these points in your PVS for the FY20 program year. Additionally, many of the existing Specializations will continue to be valid for FY20, and we will be mapping existing Specializations to the updated list. Some of the Specializations will no longer be valid, but we will reach out to each partner who has existing Specializations and Masters to confirm status and any impact.

Q: How do we achieve Certified Navigator status? 
A: All Navigator program requirements will be available in February 2019.

Q: Can we achieve an Industry Certified Navigator status?
A: Currently, Certified Navigator status is only available for product. 

Q: How do we achieve Specialist Navigator status? 
A: By achieving the relevant product Certified Navigator status and at least one product specialization, you will achieve the Navigator Specialist status. For industry, you need to achieve at least one specialization. 

Q: How do we achieve Master Navigator status? 
A: Each product and industry Master Navigator has a set of requirements (coming soon!). These include required specializations, a set number of optional specializations and a minimum ACV and CSAT requirement (based on specific industry/product over past 18 months). 

Q: How do I submit my projects, customer stories, and sales references that I need to earn Specialist and Master Navigator status? 
A: Please submit your projects in the Business Console of the Partner Community. To submit customer stories and sales references, follow the steps at (see What You Need to Know). We will regularly validate customer projects, stories, and references to be sure that partners are accurately reflecting the work they have done. 

Q: Do we get a badge to use for promotional/marketing? 
A: Badges are available for Master Navigator industry and product achievement. Specialist Navigator badges are available for Pardot, Heroku, and B2B Commerce (CloudCraze) only. Currently there are no badges for other Specialist Navigator or Certified Navigator achievements. 

Q: What are the benefits of the Salesforce Navigator Program? 
A: Certified Navigator status is achieved by meeting the minimum certifications required (typically 5 per firm). They will receive both internal exposure with Salesforce and external exposure on AppExchange All Specialist Navigators will appear higher in search rankings and specific Specialist Navigators (Pardot, Heroku, and B2B Commerce (Cloud Craze)) will receive a badge for promotional purposes. Salesforce Master Navigators will always appear at the top of relevant search rankings, receive a badge to use for marketing efforts, and receive a joint press release. They will also receive PVS points for each Specialization and Master achieved.

Q: Will we only show up on the AppExchange in product searches if we have Certified Navigator status?
A: Certified Navigator status is typically achieved with a minimum of 5 certified individuals in the relevant product (please see requirements), however, if you have between 1-4 you will appear as certified.

Q: What is the process to achieve Salesforce Specialist or Master Navigator status? 
A: Follow these steps: 
  1. Review the Partner Navigator Requirements (Coming Soon!). 
  2. Follow the process to submit your projects in at (see the "What You Need to Know" tab).
  3. Follow the process to submit customer stories and sales references at (see the "What You Need to Know" tab). 
On February 1, 2018, we conducted our annual partner evaluation period, where we identified all the partners who have maintained their existing Masters and Specializations for that fiscal year. A partner’s Navigator achievements apply for the remainder of the fiscal year. If the specialization is no longer included in the program for FY20 you will still maintain the PVS points. We will also conduct quarterly evaluations to determine if any partners have earned new Navigator achievements. You will be notified four to six weeks into each quarter and once the evaluations are complete. 

Q: How does the Partner Navigator program work for already submitted projects and stories? Do we have to go back and change the project descriptions based on specializations? 
A: Upon submitting projects and stories via the Partner Community, we will receive all of the information needed. If we introduce new Specializations that you would like to add to projects already submitted in the past two years, please reach out to Specializations that have been retired will automatically be mapped to new Specialization where applicable.

Q: Is having a Fullforce solution necessary to qualify to be a Master Navigator? 
A: To qualify to be an Industry Master Navigator, you do need to have a Fullforce Solution in that industry - with the exception of Nonprofit and Higher Education. Product Master Navigators do not have a Fullforce requirement. 

Q: As a Product Development Outsourcer (PDO), will any practice Specializations related to delivering apps for AppExchange Partners (ISVs) be included?
A: Yes, we are pleased to confirm that as a PDO, you can earn Certified, Specialist, and Master Navigator status. 

Q: What is a Product Development Outsourcer (PDO)? 
A: Product Development Outsourcers (PDOs) represent a broad spectrum of consulting partners and vendors with expertise in building commercial apps, as well as other valuable services like training, funding, marketing, or selling your app. Learn more here. 

Q: Are the Annual Contract Value (ACV) requirements for achieving Master Navigator a minimum threshold? 
A: Yes - based on the previous 18 months ACV. 

Q: Is there an ACV requirement for achieving a Specialization?
A: A: There are no ACV requirements for achieving a Specialization or to be a Specialist Navigator. These are earned based on submitted projects, stories, and references. For product, you must achieve Certified Navigator status first.

Q: Can AppExchange Partners (ISVs) qualify for the Partner Navigator Program? 
A: No, the Partner Navigator program is currently only available to Consulting Partners (Registered or higher). 

Q: As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, do I have to be in a specific tier to qualify for the Partner Navigator program? 
A: Yes, you need to be a Registered partner or above. Learn about the benefits for Consulting partners by tier at

Q: Will we be able to track progress of our Partner Navigator status in the Partner Community? 
A: No, not at this time, but this is something we are working on for FY20. 

Q: Who should I contact if I have additional questions about the Partner Navigator program? 

Q: Is the Partner Navigator Program global or country/regional specific? 
A: All activity counts towards your Partner Navigator status. We do not track separately based on location.